Battlefield 3: quick and dirty.

Hello folks;


Recently EA Origin on PC has released Battlefield 3 for free for a limited time, and I thought I would do a quick first impressions of the title before returning to the action. First off the game looks pretty good on low settings which is nice considering that my hardware can run the game smoothly, but there is less resistance in the form of lag and so forth on low settings than if I was to aim for medium or high settings – in short low means smoother gameplay especially when dealing with larger maps. Being an older Battlefield title – with Battlefield 4 out and all of that nonsense – there was some fear over the amount of people playing the game. Suffice it to say the situation seems positive: servers have active players, and the community is alive and well. Though this is to be expected seeing as how according to some Youtubers Battlefield 4 did not launch all to smoothly with broken gameplay mechanics and so forth.


One thing I want to note before ending this (I have not played through the campaign enough to give any form of impressions, and aside from a quick update on server status, there is not a lot to talk about: apologies folks) the sound effects when running is quite pleasing. The crackle of equipment bouncing about has not been heard for quite some time, and it is like seeing an old friend again – though with a fresh coat of paint and some upgrades. Small things make big differences would you not agree?

There is a good chance that I will write more on this at a later date, but for now you will have to excuse me as I return to the action and get some more fun out of the evening. Before going I will also link the EA Origin page where Battlefield 3 is free, though be warned (BE WARNED) at the time of writing the deal is still available. Battlefield 3 is only free for a limited time so sign up for Origin if you want, and download it. Once it is yours, it is yours; at least that is what the website says. Take care folks, and I will catch you next time.


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