Ubisoft Press Conference after action report. E3 2014.

Alright so after watching the E3 Ubisoft press conference I was left with a rather mixed feeling. When it came to trailers they delivered without question; however when it comes to gameplay it is another story. Now the main games they touched on during the conference was (in no particular order) Tom Clancy’s The Division, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Shape up, Valiant Hearts, The Crew, Rainbow Six Siege, and Far Cry 4. Starting things off let us talk about The Division: again no gameplay whatsoever. People understand that Ubisoft wants to keep this a secret until they touch the demo booth but they could have at least shown some gameplay rather than just another trailer with the typical emotional music and voice acting for kicks. What people would have loved to see was how the game mechanics would function, and how the developers went about implementing things like urban combat and so on. Though this is E3 so it is expected that the trailer is about all you will get until sites like IGN talk to the developers later on in the week. Moving along we have Assassin’s Creed Unity which takes place during the French Revolution. Now from what I could tell and from what was said by the developers the game will focus on Paris during the revolution, and as usual you are hunting Templars.


This will sound cynical so if you are a complete die hard fan of the Assassin’s Creed series you might want to skip this paragraph and move onto the next one. The game featured the usual stab the bad guy, branching stories, and gunpowder. Now I like the new setting, it looks interesting. Yet Ubisoft did come out publicly and state that they are releasing Assassin’s Creed games annually because people buy them, and they love to buy them. Not surprising that the formula will therefore become dull and repetitive as time went on – much like the Call of Duty series and so forth. What was shown was probably not reflective of the final product, but in an age here the word “beta” means nothing, it is hard to have hope that this game will be any different: at least AC: Black Flag featured age of sail warfare which helped to break up the endless grind of assassinating Templars and searching for hidden items for achievement points.


Alright well I find fitness games a complete waste of money in that if people really wanted to get fit, they would spend some time at the gym. Three to four times a week, about thirty or so minutes of intense physical activity per day for three to four days is not hard to do – I do so regularly and have done so for six years now. The fact of the matter remains: people who do not want to exercise, will not exercise. This trend of fitness games is getting a bit ridiculous, but Ubisoft needs to make money and some people just like to dance around in their living room so there you go. Waste of money, you would be better off going to the gym/fitness center or doing sports but it is entirely up to you what you want to do with yourself.


Valiant Hearts has been on the public’s radar for quite some time. Having an artistic take on the First World War not only helps keep the memory of that conflict alive for other generations to learn about, but it also presents a rather dark and less glamorous bit of history in a rather “fun” way to say the least. Though this game will be available on the 15th of June this year according to Steam, Ubisoft still had to advertise for it. One has to assume that they are nervous as to whether or not they can sell the title and not see this new IP fall flat on its face.


Now driving games are not my cup of tea, but The Crew looks promising in that they claim to feature the entirety of the United States of America in their title. Players can supposedly drive from one end of the country to another. Looks promising and if the reviews turn up some good news, maybe I will give it a try some day. Now before I move on I will say though that I will be skipping Far Cry 4. The reason for this is they only showed a cutscene from the beginning of the game, and with no actual gameplay. Until we see some gameplay, there is nothing more to say in regards to this title: looks promising, let us hope it does not fall into a hole.


Alright the big reveal for a new Rainbow Six game. Titled Rainbow Six Siege, the game takes place in a modern setting and follows a SWAT team as they go about rescuing hostages and doing all sorts of specialized duties that units like SWAT teams are trained to do. Right from the beginning the game play footage looked pre-rendered, and while this is probably the case the spokesperson on stage seemed want to steer away from that fact and direct people’s attention towards the game and how “amazing” it looked. Yes I am aware it is a press conference and it is in the company’s best interest to play up the hype in order to sell as many pre-orders as they can, but the game just looks ‘wrong.’ Maybe I am finding correlation where it does not exist, but the end result – hopefully – will be a decent product. The game seems to take a few inspirational bits from CS:GO in that you are rescuing hostages, just with the whole “I can see my hands rescuing the hostage and not just hitting ‘E’ and hearing: “Okay let’s go,” sort of response noise you get in a game like CS.


Overall the press conference was exactly that: a press conference. Plenty of showcasing, lots of trailers, and the constant need to remind people that these games are “next gen,” and that they can run at 1080p and 60 FPS. One thing is clear however, these consoles are already out-performed by top end PCs on the market right now, so it will be hard for them to catch up considering that console technology scales every five or so years. Now will these companies finally let players lower graphics settings in order to achieve 60 FPS, or will they force the games back down to 30 in order to maintain that spit-polish shine that they love to hammer on about? Questions to be answered.


Right well that concludes the thoughts on the Ubisoft Press Conference. Excuse me readers I must now turn my attention to Sony’s conference and see what they plan to bring to the table at this E3. Now for those of you wondering if I will touch on the Microsoft press conference the answer is not at the moment. Earlier this morning the conference took place, and sadly I had other more urgent matters to attend to and missed the conference. Could I re-watch the conference and give some thoughts? Maybe; there is always that possibility. However for now do not hold your breath; just let me finish with the Sony press conference and we will see how things are going. Anyways folks thanks for reading, and I will see you next time.

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