Sony’s Press Conference after action report. E3 2014.

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Sony’s press conference was jam-packed with plenty of game content – mostly trailers – and some cool and interesting programs of which are already in existence. Starting things off is the Playstation Now service: according to the speaker on the stage the program will allow players to play Playstation games with just a Dualshock controller and a Sony TV – specifically a Sony TV and no other brand name. One has to assume that this program is a cloud-based service, therefore they are able to offer this sort of service without the use of a Playstation console. Next we have the feature in Far Cry 4 on PS4 where players can play with their friends who do not own a copy of the game through the invite system.


Now this opens the doors to hundred of opportunities but one has to wonder is Sony attempting to capitalize on their network and use it as sort of the console version of Steam whereby a lot of information related to their games is stored on a cloud and where players will have to log in and keep connected in order to enjoy the services offered? Regardless however this is a very interesting prospect as they move forward into the future and start to make Playstation more unique and easier to access for people on lower budgets. After all a TV and a controller is not hard to get, and being able to enjoy Playstation titles through a cloud service is even better for those wishing to save that four-hundred dollars for something else.


Moving along the Sony press conference featured a lot of exclusive titles which may or may not be exclusive forever. See the thing is Sony packed a ton of console exclusives, but also a lot of indie developers into the show, showcasing games like Abzu which is a game from the makers of Journey – done in the same style but with a different environment. Perhaps Abzu will remain a PS4 exclusive, but then the other titles on the system; it seems Sony is attempting to out-pace Microsoft and their Xbox One by playing a numbers game. Further connectivity vita a streaming service, and more content such as free television shows and dramas for Playstation Plus subscribers makes Playstation fairly attractive over its competitors.


Now of course most of the trailers involved were just pre-rendered cutscenes, but there was a bit of gameplay from the Far Cry 4 display. Now how much of it was “gameplay” and not pre-rendered gameplay is anyone’s guess. The trailer depicted a lot of climbing, fitting as it takes place in a mountainous region; seems the grappling hook will be a popular toy for players, and co-op was another key feature they hammered on about – hence the announcement of being able to invite friends to a game session even though they do not own a copy of Far Cry 4.


Whether or not the large list of titles that the company featured at E3 this year will be any good is left to time to decide. However for now it seems Sony did an excellent job with their E3 press conference and they did indeed present – what appeared to be – more exclusives than the Microsoft press conference (yes I did watch the pre-recorded Microsoft conference, I will speak on this later). Sony came out strong this year, so hats off to them for that. Anyways folks that concludes the Sony press conference after action report: thanks for reading and I will see you next time.


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