Steam Summer sale and’s summer DRM-free sale.

Hello folks;


Happening right now is the Steam summer sale which goes from the 19th of June to the 30th of June – though technically it goes until the 29th of June as the 30th of June is when everything ends and no rollovers will occur. Feel free to check out the front page each day for daily deals, flash sales, and community picks.

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Also happening at the same time is’s DRM-free summer sale featuring classic games, indie games, and other favourites that the gaming community has enjoyed in years past and continue to enjoy to this day. Keep in mind that both Steam and GoG are PC-only distribution sites so apologies to the console-based readers, you will have to check with your system of choice for updates on their archives. Whatever the case GoG offers older games like the first Splinter Cell game, alongside indie titles like Strike Suit Zero (which I will be doing a piece on in the coming months), and they also have a partnership with the makers of the Witcher series – CD Projekt RED.


Now the cool thing with GoG is that when you buy the game, not only can you re-download it as many times as you need to, but unlike Steam you do not need to log into a client in order to play the game. All of their titles listed for sale are DRM-free which also extends to the Witcher series. Personally I find that if a game is old, chances are the deal on GoG will be better; unless of course it is cheaper on Steam. Feel free to check out both sites as both offer excellent deals for gamers to choose from. Keep in mind that with GoG it is unknown at the time of writing when their summer sale will end so keep tabs on that. How it works over at their site is each day they will list two bundles for sale as their daily deals with an ever-changing list of games slowly rising up to the top of the page underneath the daily deal. These timed exclusives will eventually go back to full price after an hour or two, so be sure to check often for updates and to see if your favourite game is on sale.


Alright folks my hands will be busy now that there is a growing list of titles to dig through: oh boy this blog might get neglected for yet another chunk of time as I sit clicking away at various delicious targets, ordering units around, and shooting typical enemy AI in the face (humor intended). Whatever the case folks I will leave links to Steam’s web page,, and Totalbiscuit’s channel where he covers Steam’s daily deals on a regular basis. Thanks for reading folks and I will see you next time.

Totalbiscuit, The Cynical Brit.



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