Humble Weekly Bundle: Strategy.

Hello folks;


Well the Steam sales is still underway along with’s summer sale, and yet I managed to run into something – shall we say – ‘fresh.’ Currently on the humble bundle website is their weekly humble sale featuring seven strategy titles with some additional titles available after a minimum payment has been made or higher – depending on your interests.


Now this may come late but the humble bundle goes on for another day or so before it ends, and afterwards only the God-Emperor knows what else will be sold on that website. Regardless the titles available (all seven) are: Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves, Stronhgold Crusader HD, Cubetractor, Unity of Command: Stalingrad campaign, Eador: Masters of the Broken World, Space Hulk, and Ironclad Tactics. Now with the exception of Space Hulk, all the games sold in the bundle come with both steam versions and DRM-free versions (to my knowledge at least). This is an excellent deal as you get seven games for basically nine dollars USD and up – not something you see outside of franchise bundles on Steam.


Now so far I have not gotten a chance to play through these titles, but rest assured that I will be taking a look into these games and plan on digging deeper into the titles to formulate my impressions and recommendations. Good lord the of games list grows ever larger: Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion, Anno 2070, L.A. Noire, and I still have not even finished the piece on Battlefield 3 that was promised a while back. Lately my work has been focused on some other projects of mine, as well as playing through the Battlefield Hardline beta. Now there will be a piece on the Hardline beta just as soon as I make sure there is no limitations on what I can say on that topic so stay tuned.


The link to the humble bundle will be posted at the end of this piece so worry not readers you will get them games! Anyways folks this concludes the Humble Weekly Bundle update: thanks for reading and I will see you next time.


Humble Bundle:

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