A rather late happy birthday to my lovely Canada.

147 years of age: my you have aged rather well if I do say so myself.


CBC recently released a “trend” per se where it asks people to answer the question of: “My Canada is…” Normally I am not a fan of the whole hashtag phenomenon, but I will answer that question here for the sake of my country.

My Canada is strong, independent, and free. Spanning from sea to shining sea it contains the very fruits of the earth, and the riches of the world below. My Canada does not back down from a fight, nor enter a fight if it was not worth engaging. My Canada is home, and while it is cliche to say the least I will not cease to call it home until I am in the ground, forgotten and rotten to the bone.

I will do my duty for Queen and Country (yes we are a Constitutional Monarchy), and I will follow these words until the end of my days: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!”

Happy Birthday Canada: prosperity be with you forever.



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