What have you been playing lately?

Hello folks;


Well there has not been a whole lot coming out on this blog lately has there? Apologies for that; I have not had any good ideas as of late to put to paper per se, though I have been steadily working on a few pieces – namely some articles on a few titles that I have been playing a lot of – that should be close to completion and released soon. However while I work on those pieces, I thought I might tie things over with this piece regarding what I have been playing lately.


Most of you are aware – and for those who are not that is okay – that the GoG.com and Steam summer sales recently occurred during the month of June. While I cannot say that I purchased a whole lot, to say that I did not find anything worth purchasing is not correct either. Out of all the games that I have in my inventory, the two titles that I have been playing alot of lately are Battlefield 3 and Battlefield Bad Company 2. While the latter being a much older title, it still has a strong community going for it, which is nice considering that only now do I actually get around to purchasing it on Steam and playing through the various multiplayer maps available.


What I find most enjoyable about Bad Company 2 is the fact that they have the M1 Garand available for use for all classes during multiplayer matches. Sounds odd at first but upon further examination it would appear that the M1 serves as a sort of designated marksman’s rifle made available at the very beginning of the unlock tree. Regarding first-person shooters – or FPSs – I generally like to play around with semi-autos, and indeed the fighting style with semi-autos feels much more responsive to me than a full auto or bolt action rifle (world war 2 games like Red Orchestra 2 being the exception). The M1 may be limited in magazine capacity and fire rate, but it can definitely drop the bad guy: something I like the most as it gives me confidence that the weapon will do its job properly.


This has also lead me to start using the SKS in Battlefield 3 which functions in the same role, but only after I remove the scope under the customization menu during the loadout phase before spawning into a game. Though the SKS may have a larger magazine, the play style is virtually the same. There is something about semi-autos that just appeals to me since I keep coming back to these types of weapons in most FPSs that feature modern or futuristic equipment. Perhaps it is the stopping power of each round which is a welcome change from the bullet hoses that run around all day, or perhaps it is the fact that one pull of the trigger equals one shot and not an empty magazine after ten seconds which is also nice to say the least.


Aside from those two titles, I have also had the chance to play through the original Splinter Cell  on GoG. Being a much older title, the game runs great on modern machines, and the dated graphics and mechanics do little to distract the player as they immerse themselves into the world of Splinter Cell. Oddly enough the first Splinter Cell is a lot smoother to play than Splinter Cell Blacklist: going from cover to cover may not be as cinematic as Blacklist, but it does the job well and adds to the overall gameplay rather than make it feel like a tagged-on mechanic for show purposes.


Semi-automatic rifles, stealth action, and endless streams of fun: the games I picked up during the summer sales are offering quite the entertainment value, and are distracting me from actually writing something on this blog. Then again what would I write on if I did not play games; puppies and pancakes (though I could do that, but I will not)? Anyways folks that has been what I have been playing lately: feel free to follow this blog for updates on new posts and so on. Until next time folks, take care out there.


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