Steam Sales: Battlefield Bad Company 2

Hello folks;


Everyone knows by now that Bad Company 2 was well received when it was first released. Not having a powerful enough PC at the time of release, I was left out of all the fun. Now – at long last – Bad Company 2 is finally added to my archives thanks to the Steam Summer Sales that have been going on at the time of recording, and I was pleasantly surprised – and relieved – to see that the game still has an active community.


Battlefield Bad Company 2 felt ‘different,’ to say the least. When the game was installed and launched, there were some issues that had to be dealt with, issues like the game closing randomly, as well as the screen being all black when in-game were frustrating to say the least. However after some minor tinkering, the game was up to operational standards and we were off to battle one more. Even in 2014 the game looks good, and the destruction effects are still excellent even though this game is older than my current pair of boxers (humor intended). Playing through the matches and so on, I was quite surprised to see an M1 Garand rifle as an option for my loadouts. Being someone who is interested in the ‘classics’ I armed myself with this famous American rifle, and went gallivanting off into the distance before being greeted with automatic weapons fire and subsequently having to seek shelter inside of a tank: I think I need more work on the marksmanship aspect of the rifle (humor intended).


One thing I did notice however is that Bad Company 2 offered more destructible buildings than Battlefield 3. Playing through the Atacama Desert map, I noticed that as the match progressed more and more buildings became leveled to the ground: we are not taking just walls blown out, rather the entire structure is flattened per se, or in a pile of building materials. Some exceptions exist of course like the giant cargo ship which has run aground, or the main concrete structures of some of the islands, but overall it seems that the destructible environments in Bad Company 2 are literally “destructible,” as opposed to Battlefield 3 where they are semi-destructible. Maybe I am missing something here, or I am not paying as much attention in Battlefield 3 as I am in Bad Company 2, but regardless I am very much pleased with the level of destruction available in this title.


The game plays well, and the controls are tight and responsive. This far into its life cycle one would expect all of the issues to be ironed out, leaving a somewhat picture-perfect game for the masses to enjoy. Old as it may be, the game still offers countless hours of entertainment and I am most certainly going to keep playing this for months – if not years – to come. Now if you will excuse me I need to work on my M1 marksmanship some more: I think some enemy heads will do the trick. Thanks for reading folks, and I’ll catch you next time.


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