Ghost Recon Phantoms: initial thoughts.

Hello folks;


Apart from still playing Bad Company 2 and attempting to earn the Tompson Submachine gun I have stumbled across a free-to-play title that carried the same name as a particular series of which I have been keeping track of since my later years in Elementary School. Titled Ghost Recon Phantoms, this free-to-play title features a cover-based mechanic system similar to that of the more recent Splinter Cell titles such as Blacklist and Conviction. Going into cover and exiting cover is fluid and smooth, and the shooting aspect of the game is quite enjoyable. Bullet damage is recorded so whenever you die you can see where exactly the enemy hit you, and how much damage was done to your character.

Ghost Recon Phantoms image

Continuing on the topic of combat: the game features the third person perspective when it comes to moving about the battlefield, with first person when you aim down your sights. Now as for weapons the game featured modern-day guns but with upgraded features to give it that near-future vibe. Now the game runs great on most modern PCs as it only requires about 256mb of video RAM; something many people with older machines might appreciate, while people with newer PCs can expect smooth gameplay regardless.


Now the maps I have tried thus far are well detailed and the colour palettes used are quite nice to say the least. Currently my experience with the game is fighting on the rooftops of skyscrapers, or unfinished skyscrapers. Game modes played have thus far been limited to some sort of “rush” mode where both sides can push the objectives to the enemy’s base: those of you used to playing the recent battlefield games from Bad Company 2 all the way to Battlefield 4 will know what to do in this scenario. This makes it so that if a team cannot capture points in order to advance to the enemy’s base, the enemy will advance to your base instead: have fun fighting a glorious last stand!


Being a free-to-play title, there is of course a cash shop which you can buy different gun skins, cosmetic items for your character and so on. Now as far as combat is concerned, unless that gold-plate on the gun somehow makes it magically shoot farther, faster, and does not have to be reloaded, you will be fine not paying a dime to play this game. Heck I have not sunk money into the title yet, and I have had no difficulty killing my opponent with the default weapons: check your corners, play this game with a tactical mindset, and you will be fine out there.


All in all it looks like this game will be part of the list of titles that end up with – what – twenty plus hours of gameplay? Though Bad Company 2 is the competition for time on Steam so it may have to roll up its sleeves and work harder in order to gain those hours. Now excuse me folks, I have some Phantoms/Ghosts to kill (Phantoms are apparently ex-Ghosts, and Ghosts are – well – Ghosts): thank you all for reading, and I shall see you next time.


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