Planetside 2: Hossin.

Returning to Auraxis was only a matter of time; after all they promised a new continent, and they indeed delivered on that promise in the form of a jungle continent with lots of foliage to hide amongst. Titled Hossin, this jungle continent conjures up thoughts of Vietnam: shame Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam DLC is not as active as it once was, otherwise I wiould pick that DLC up and play it into the ground.

Planetside 2 Hossin concept

Hossin is a beautiful environment apart from all the explosions of course. The vegetation is unique to the environment, and the tall trees ensure that ground forces get enough cover from enemy aircraft so that they can move from point A to B with little harassment from above. Gameplay-wise it is about the same as any other Planetside 2 continent: fight for control points of particular sections of the continent, and if you win your faction colours are displayed on the walls. One thing to note is that this time around it would appear that forces can lock down continents thus preventing their competition from actually ghost-capping their initial successes: a much needed feature if I do say so myself.


Now for those of you wondering if the optimization of the game has improved the answer is yes. The reason for this is because now in the initial start up menu, under the settings tab is a new set of graphics options such as being able to adjust shadow detail, and or turn off shadows completely – among others added. Therefore those of you with a mid-range PC can enjoy this game with less issue than before, but due to the large scale battles you might still run into lag from all the explosions and gunfire happening simultaneously. Aim for smaller engagements, I tend to find they are much easier to handle and are less chaotic. Then again war is war, so expect that when you return to, or deploy to, Auraxis for a tour of duty.


Hossin everybody: available now under the: “early expedition” program, therefore expect a few bugs here and there as they continue to work on the continent for months to come. Anyways folks thanks for reading, and I shall see you next time.


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