What have you been playing lately? The Coffee Break 16 July 2014.

Hello folks;


Seems about time for another round of what have you been playing lately, would you not agree? Well this past week has been interesting to say the least: I discovered that I really dislike how the tanks handle in World of Tanks, and Ghost Recon Phantoms – despite my praise of the title – gets the boot per se. Now with regards to new additions to the line up of games I play frequently, Planetside 2 has made a comeback thanks to the new continent Hossin: a review of this continent will be available on this blog later on.


World of Tanks once gave me ample hours of entertainment, however that time seems to have passed as earlier this week I re-installed the game on one day only to uninstall it the same day after two to four hours of gameplay. “Why the sudden rush?” some of you may ask. Well the answer is rather simple: tanks do not feel like tanks in World of Tanks. Now the game itself is fairly old, and indeed the engine with which the game was released on is dated to say the least. Therefore there will be limitations to certain “features,” such as fishtailing whenever you turn a corner too hard in an armoured vehicle, or rocking slightly when coming to a sudden stop. Yet after playing War Thunder Ground Forces for months on end, with Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, I could not return to the near-childish gameplay that is featured in World of Tanks, I just simply could not. Once you get used to handling tanks in a realistic fashion, you will feel no need to return to an “inferior game” for the lack of a better phrase. After installing it on my external hard drive, it quickly became the first game that I had deleted off the external: though the feeling of deleting something off an external via the control panel felt strange to say the least.


Now with World of Tanks out of the way, one game that does feature decent tank combat is Planetside 2: though the continent of Hossin may not be suited to armoured warfare to say the least. Hossin is a jungle continent, much more green than Amerish, and definitely confined per se with plenty of areas open to ambushes and so on. Hossin is still in an “open beta” phase or an “early expedition” according to Planetside 2. After playing a ton of Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, it was decided that massive open-field battles and large maps was the way to go on my end, and as such Planetside 2 was welcomed back into the family with open arms as the need for warfare on a massive scale returned to the system. Long story short the gameplay has not changed, though the game seems to run a lot better – one can guess that it was thanks to some optimization done when the game was not installed on the system. Regardless it is time for us to return to Auraxis and do another tour of duty alongside some South American jungles and Atacama Desert in Bad Company 2, and the Caspian Border and some oil refinery in the desert in Battlefield 3: damn the soldier I roleplay per se does not get any down time, rather he must sleep on the carrier as he ferries between conflict zones (humor intended).


All in all the dominant games that I play with increasing frequency are Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and Planetside 2: not a bad line up at all to say the least. Also with that in mind, I have taken on the challenge of livestreaming on Twitch, specifically Hearthstone gameplay as it seems to be the most viewed game on that website. Feel free to bookmark the link I am about to place at the end of this paragraph and tune in every so often for some hearthstone gameplay: though let me be honest I die a lot in that game so grab some popcorn and watch me get beaten into the dirt by the AI player, and human-controlled player (humor intended). However with that said the actual ratio of wins to losses is about average, so it is not like you will be watching an endless stream of losses per session, rather I am not an expert player so do not expect crazy “kung-fu” moves that result in sweeping wins on every match that I play.


Currently there is no fixed schedule per se as to when I stream so apologies for that: I still have not decided on that aspect yet so stay tuned. Anyways folks have a good one, take care out there, and I will see you next time.




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