The Coffee Break: 24 July 2014.

Hello folks;


Before I go on I would just like to say to those of you reading this on the 23rd of July 2014 that I have dated it for the 24th of July and released it early so that I may carry on with my other activities for tomorrow without fear of forgetting to post this coffee break.


Now onto the good stuff: apparently Battlefield Hardline has been delayed to 2015 according to IGN news. Earlier in the week a video was posted on their Youtube channel that details the shooter’s push back to 2015 citing that the developers wanted more time to implement user feedback into the game. Earlier in May I got the chance to play the beta, and looking back at it now it was quite refreshing to say the least. Now I may be in the minority here when I say that I have not gotten entirely bored of the modern military shooter, but to have a Battlefield game centered around SWAT operations is quite the nice change of pace nonetheless. The feedback that I provided to the developers through the beta included some graphical optimization changes so that older PCs can run the game on low, but still run it nonetheless, and smoothly as well. Here is hoping that the extra time given will be to our benefit in the end when the product is released.


Well aside from keeping up with gaming news and occasionally procrastinating with this blog, I have been playing a great deal of Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3: not that this is anything new to say the least (humor intended). That said however I have been putting some time into a game I picked up from Humble Bundle titled Call of Juarez Gunslinger. While being a singleplayer-only shooter, the arcade mode in Gunslinger is surprisingly addictive, to which I can see this as adding strength to the game and helping to mitigate the fact that the game lacks a multiplayer option. Currently I am about two hours into the game – mostly the arcade portion – and I think the review I have prepared will suffice to say the least when it comes to giving a thorough look at the title. Stay tuned for that little piece of information.


Now onto some general thoughts about the blog: I can see that the Telegraphed Gazette has been idle as of late. While topics related to gaming that I cover are still of interest to me, topics related to Quebec politics have gotten stale as of late. The reason for this is after some thought and analysis I have concluded that this is neither a new phenomenon, nor will it ever show signs of changing in terms of the coming decades. With this thought in mind I have decided to put the Telegraphed Gazette on hiatus until further notice, and instead focus on shorter pieces of which I can produce a fair amount with little difficulty. Lengthy pieces are also quite difficult to edit at times, and aside from being time consuming are harder to produce on a regular basis as the proofreading required takes time; time that could otherwise be spent on something else. Ultimately this blog is a personal interest and one that caters to the writer: there is no moral or legal obligation for the writer to produce Gazettes and as such I will take full advantage of this freedom in order to pursue topics which are interesting to me. Therefore I apologize to those of you who were holding out for a gazette edition – I just do not feel like writing large articles anymore. Hopefully this honesty will keep you around as I continue to write on video games, the games industry, and occasionally military topics: should you choose to unsubscribe and/or move onto other blogs, that is fine. There is no legally binding contract that you have signed, and as such I wish you all the best as you move to seek greener pastures elsewhere. Those of you who remain or choose to remain, expect to see the usual short reads regarding video games, the games industry, and military topics – the regular programing continues on as usual.


Anyways folks this concludes the coffee break for the 25th of July 2014: thank you all for reading, and I will see you next time.


Battlefield Hardline, Dragon Age: Inquisition delayed – IGN News

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