The Coffee Break. 29 July 2014.

Hello folks;

Planetside 2 Hossin concept

The usual applies: putting this out early so I can shift my attention to other things. Now: “what has been happening in the world of the writer?” some of you may ask. Well I can honestly say nothing terribly exciting has happened – not that this was ever a new phenomenon. Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 still dominate the skyline, however Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars has entered the picture for the past couple of days.


Summarizing a long story, a friend and I decided to play the game together online, and the outcome was surprisingly entertaining. Not only was the official server very much alive (and I thank the community for keeping it alive), but the variety of soldiers available to the player was – shall we say – different to say the least. Ever wanted to be a drumer for the Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards? Well now you can! Yes that is right folks, you can be a military musician during the Napoleonic Era and not some ranker with a musket. Artillery soldiers, sappers, officers, standard bearers; all are available for selection.


The game itself is not graphically impressive so do not enter it expecting shiny new effects and so on. Yet whoever said graphics alone made a good game? This title has been in my library for about a year and a half per se, and the time spent on it in the past was always enjoyable – minding of course the dirty chat that goes on which can range from rather questionable topics right up to burgers being weaponized against the French (how that came about, you will have to ask them some day).


Aside from that I have been sifting through Mass Effect 2 every so often, and I have recently reinstalled Dragon Age Origins, and Tomb Raider the reboot starring a young and scarred Lara Croft. One has to note that this “fear” that Lara has at the beginning literally washes away and she becomes a hardened killer in an instant: then again it is a game and there is such a thing as too much realism. Sometimes realism is good in the form of weapon recoil, suppressive fire, grenades, and destructible environments. Other times it can really detract from a game because if it was one-hundred percent realistic, you would die in a single shot with no revive chance and you will wait for hours until the match ends as people move about trying to find the shooter who could very well be expertly hidden: no radar, no motion censor, not even a mini map. You are just running around, tired, out of breath, and one slip could get you killed. Should a game wish to be one-hundred percent realistic, you can die of exhaustion, of drowning, of heat stroke, and so on – in other words you will never fire a shot, and die in-game. Makes a game dull and boring does it not?


Still I digress, yes I have been sifting through Mass Effect 2 though I am not as enthusiastic as some of the other players around the world. The game is great, but I tend to take it in chunks rather than playing through the game in a weekend: it is just not that interesting to me that I would spent all two days of the weekend plus Friday night shooting my way through missions to see cutscenes: thank the God-Emperor for Youtube. Finally I am – at long last – getting the hang of Battlefield 3, though I still quite enjoy my support class, and have not deviated from the selected path (however frustrating it may be). Light Machine Guns or LMGs are very fun to use, and throwing ammo at friendlies is very rewarding indeed: silent teamwork at its finest if I do say so myself.


Well that has been this rather random coffee break for the 29th of July: hopefully this adds a bit of spice to your daily routine as you march on through the work day. Worry not dear readers: it will end soon, and you will be home free to wander around naked and play video games until it is sleep time. Should you choose to do an all-nighter, be prepared for the consequences of those actions. Thanks for reading, and I shall see you next time.


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