Standby for Titan- err, I mean – Firefall. The Coffee Break. 30th July 2014.

(Standard format applies: released early to free up time and so on.)


That is correct folks, and you eyes have not deceived you: Firefall is out now on PC. This free-to-play MMOFPSRPG (try that on for size) is available to either download and play for free on Steam, or if you want to you can purchase a starter pack from the Steam store front as well before you enter into what is presumed to be an alternate sci-fi Earth.

Firefall logo

Thus far I have only gone through the tutorial and entered the main town per se, and after re-making three times in an attempt to find the character customization that is present in other games at the start (there is none by the way; you customize your toon after the tutorial) I was treated to some fluid combat, some rather pleasing vistas, and of course the chance to change my characters’ voice to a more “English” tone. Newsflash, if you type /dance, the character – with the voice equipped – will sing “God save the Queen:” you have no idea how happy I am that this is in the game (humor intended).


Now the game runs relatively well on my PC, and tinkering with both windowed mode and borderless window, it would appear that windowed mode is a lot better for those of us utilizing dual monitors per se – that is if you want to surf the web while waiting in line for a match and so on. Now the game itself was only released on the 29th of July so they will need some time to smooth out the rough spots. Still for a title of this size, launch has been relatively smooth, and the game is lighthearted which is a nice break from the super-serious galactic war “dramas” we seem to be getting here and there. While there are attempts to tug at heartstrings with your HQ handler talking about the good old days when Earth was not being invaded by aliens, I was genuinely not interested in her story but rather more interested in kicking some Xenos ass. Also you can switch between first and third person views by clicking the middle mouse button (default), which is nice for those of us wanting to see our toons after tinkering with the customization options found after the tutorial.


Speaking of kicking alien ass, I think I should spend a bit more time in-game before I drone on and on regarding the mechanics, gameplay and other related topics. One last thing I will mention here however before ending it is that the game is relatively well optimized for PC with a large list of options and a field of view slider – if that is your thing. Firefall folks: no Titans, but a lot of combat to be had and then some. Thanks for reading, and I shall see you next time.

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