Coffee Break. 6 July 2014.

Hello folks;

Firefall logo

Well Firefall has proven to be quite the title lately. Thus far the game has had some minor issues during launch and needs some optimization in regards to the graphics options to help run on older machines. However with that aside, the game holds together well under pressure, and playing it with friends and random players online is quite the enjoyable experience. Similar to Guild Wars 2 you can simply run into a mission by exploring the island that you are on, and help random strangers in their quests and so forth. Another thing to note is the tropical setting: Copacabana is very nice in the game, and a welcome break from all the dark grey “stone citadels” that we are used to like in Gears of War with Jacinto – yes Copacabana appears to be a pseudo-last stronghold of humanity.


Combat-wise the game feels like Borderlands 2, minus the gun collecting of course. Swarms of “bugs” as I like to call them attack you and it is up to you to use that keyboard and mouse like a beast and tame the wilds where these foul creatures lurk. Someone in-game mentioned that combat reminded them of Starship Troopers and he/she is not entirely wrong. The “bugs” swarm around you, and if you play an Assault Frame (in-game they have “battleframes” that you can change in and out of that act as your “class”) the assault rifle fire that you are used to will sound even more familiar if you have spent time observing the Roughnecks in the Starship Trooper Chronicles – the films feel less similar as they used mass infantry tactics rather than power armour.


More will come out regarding this game as the weeks progress, but so far I am liking it. Minor bugs aside it looks to be a promising title, and I hope to see it remain strong for the years to come. Should Bungie release Destiny on PC, they will have a bit of competition when leaving the gates of the “estate” so to speak: good luck to the victors. Anyways folks that is about it for the 6th of July 2014: take care out there, and I will catch you next time.


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