My only issue with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Exactly as it says on the tin people: this is my short rant on the one issue I had with Guardians of the Galaxy. Great film, looking forward to the sequel – I say it is definitely worth the money. Yet there was one thing that kept biting at my ankles and I have to get it out into the open here on this blog. The following is a prerecorded rant that I wrote, and decided to copy wholesale and post here on thoughts and topics. Enjoy this piece folks; thanks for reading, and I shall see you next time.


Okay I gotta complain about this: Guardians of the Galaxy – good movie and all. Yet there was one thing that ticked me off for the entire ending sequence: the Nova Corps – the military of the “free galaxy” per se – HAD NO AA BATTERIES ON THEIR HOMEWORLD!!! You do not sign a peace treaty – an unstable peace treaty – with a war-like alien species, and get away with having no AA batteries on your capital world (AA stands for Anti-Air).

Heck I did not even see infantry moving about during the final sequence. Come on people sure it’s fiction, but if you want to showcase a capital world being attacked, show off some of their awesome military might that won them the truce – don’t hide it like it was a taboo of some sort. Pacifist **&(*&*!!! Ugh, ruin everything. “Peace and democracy have a chance now that the Nova Corps is here! Ha ha ha” *slow clap; sarcasm.*

Learn to bow, kneel and beg people; it’ll happen a lot now that you LOST the war.


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