A week of game time later, I make the purchase.

Indeed folks; shortly after Origin’s game time expired for Battlefield 4, I ended up purchasing it for a total of about twenty dollars Canadian: not bad if I do say so myself. Now the base game was the only real thing I was after as I am not much of a fan of DLC (downloadable content), but thus far the base game has not disappointed me.


Gameplay-wise, it will feel familiar to veteran Battlefield players so there is no mystery in that department. However in terms of the game crashing as reported earlier during release, it seems DICE has fixed the issue as now whenever I play Siege of Shanghai the game holds firms when the center tower – the special building that can come down completely – tumbles onto the floor, thereby changing the map. Then again I tend not to run these games on maximum so it could just be me that does not experience these issues.


This time around the support class/assault class (BFBC 2) carries a lighter ammo pack than the previous two games – Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3 – where you could store an entire ammo box where the sun does not shine. This time around you are given a small pouch to resupply allies with, and in order to get the big ammo crate you will need to unlock it. “Sounds interesting,” some of you might ask, “but how does this affect my ability to resupply my teammates with bullets and bombs?” Well you throw it out, and it sits there for a limited amount of time resupplying – what is said to be – one soldier at a time. Therefore when you resupply a squad, it runs out quickly, and you will have to “refill” the pouch and throw it back out again (no you do not have to collect it, you just throw another one like you always have done).


Aside from that the game gives you a red dot sight at the beginning, thereby rendering the need to unlock it for the default LMG (light machine gun) unnecessary. Fun fact, the gun acts very well as both a DMR rifle, and as a LMG: just try not to spray and pray. Regarding the other classes I have little in the way of information available regarding red dots, but I am certain all the default guns come with red dots (the guns you start with and NOT the ones you unlock). Just take my word with a grain of salt though, it could be a different story.


Oddly enough the game is better optimized for medium range machines than its previous title; Battlefield 3. This feature in Battlefield 4 comes in the form of a render quality slider, which allows players to reduce render quality to improve performance. One must confess that when the game was first loaded, it took a bit to discover this new feature. However after this feature was discovered, the game quickly began to grow on me, and I was treated to a rather entertaining combat experience. Criticisms aside, it seems that Battlefield 4 is turning out to be a decent title to add to the collection. Earlier issues seem to have been corrected to an extent, and the game is now – at long last – enjoyable. Now if you will excuse me folks, I shall return to the field and take another tour of duty before supper. Thanks a lot for reading, and I shall see you next time.


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