The Coffee Break. 4 September 2014.

Hello folks;


The usual rule applies: this post comes out a day or so early and will be dated as such.


September already, and all this time I was thinking that the summer heat wave was going to last forever (not that I enjoyed it). Lately the game that has occupied the main bulk of the time available for gaming is Mass Effect 3. Purchased during the one day offer on Origin, this lengthy and well-written single player role-playing game is not only quite beautiful to look at as the environments are well crafted, but also the story arc is satisfying to say the least. Once again the player assumes the role of Commander Shepard, and after the Reapers hit earth, you are sent off into the galaxy to gather allies and war assets for the final battle to come. Thus far I have only gotten just past the part where you settle the Quarian-Geth war in the outer rim, but the dialogue and character design is quite well done. Now the sad reality is I have not finished my playthrough of Mass Effect 2 so I could not upload my existing character to the game and go from there. However aside from wanting to romance a character (or rather continue a romance) from Mass Effect 2, starting an entirely new character was not so bad. The story arc seems to hint at Shepard just doing his mission to stop the Collectors, and then returned to earth to report into the Alliance Navy: his companions going their separate ways. Everyone seems to treat Shepard with respect as usual, and they seem to be neutral/positive towards his role in the previous installment.


Now the way I go through the Mass Effect games is with “story” for combat difficulty, therefore I cannot comment a whole lot on how difficult and challenging the AI is considering the fact that I usually prefer to go through the campaign in a relaxed manner, rather than having to be always on high alert 24/7 like in a match for Counter Strike. Yet I will say that the guns sound great, and the way combat is presented reminds me of Gears of War (Gears of War 3 in particular) – something I spent countless hours playing. Thus going from cover to cover, attacking the enemy with melee, and closing in for the kill was not a new phenomenon.


This time around in ME 3, the Citadel’s embassies and the Presidum are open to you rather than one of the Wards like in ME 2. While I enjoyed wandering the Wards, the Presidum is a very nice place to explore as the artificial environments tend to make me wonder what it would be like when we replicate artificial environments in space for the purposes of having habitats for us to live in. The gardens of the Presidum are beautiful, and the sense of peace is nice when the entire galaxy is at war against an enemy hell-bent on exterminating nearly all life in the galaxy as part of their cycle.

ME 3 presidum commons Citadel

Yet I digress; most of you have already played and re-played Mass Effect 3, and thus do not need me to tell you how great this game is, or why it is worth the money. Ultimately my purpose with today’s coffee break is to illustrate the fact that Bioware did an excellent job with the game. Graphically the game is impressive, and the world really sucks you in and keeps hold of you as you walk through the refugee temporary housing sections, or the Presidum, and so on. Listening in to people’s conversations is also nice as you get side quests from doing that as well. When all is said and done, Mass Effect 3 is definitely a game I was more than happy to purchase, and with the refund option available it made my decision to purchase the game all that much easier.


Anyways folks this concludes the coffee break for the 4th of September 2014. Take care out there, and I shall see you next time.


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