The Coffee Break. 6 September 2014.

Hello folks;


Same rule applies: out early and will be dated as such.


Generally I do not publish a whole lot on the weekends but I figure I might as well release the post as I have a couple of things to just rant on and on about: let us begin. First off after playing a bit more into Mass Effect 2, I have begun to notice some serious changes between the second and the third game (positive changes). The most noticeable change is the sprint ability: in ME 2 Shepard ran with about as much endurance as a high schooler who has eaten way too many bags of chips and cake. The man could barely sprint 50 metres before all of a sudden being out of both energy and breath. Contrast that to ME 3 where Shepard feels more like a Marine than a fat high schooler and things start to look brighter on the other end of the fence. Next we have the combat: ME 2 is a lot less responsive than ME 3 – on PC at least, and from my experience. While in combat I had to fight my keyboard in order to get Shepard to move from cover to cover: this is for ME 2 by the way. Whereas in ME 3 I could just hop over cover, sprint, and dive into cover – no issues detected. Overall I am still very satisfied with my purchase, and look forward to finishing ME 2 and just importing that file over and over again into ME 3 whenever I feel the urge to play with my previous save file.


Next on the agenda: Sony fanboys. According to a story on IGN Sony released some sort of report that details digital downloads as “less environmentally friendly” than driving down to your local store and purchasing a copy of a PS3/4 game in CD format. Despite my better self telling me not to travel south of “the border,” I had the urge to explore the comments. Suffice it to say it was a horrible mistake: the comments section of Youtube was – as always – riddled with vile, utterly disgusting posts from “keyboard warriors” who think they know all there is to know in this world.


Can I go off the beaten path for a second? First off the CD case and the disk production is quite wasteful of materials that could otherwise be used to manufacture other, more useful items for personal consumption. Second the whole comment on how “burning coal is bad” may be valid, but a lot of the countries which have powerful enough internet connections to allow users to make use of digital distribution are using hydroelectric power: you know the format where running water energy is converted into electrical energy? The only visible explanation for such a comment is that the user is a loyal fanatic of the Sony Playstation console: the same person who would defend their consumer product to death if given the chance (we’re talking live rounds and bayonets here).


Newsflash people: Sony is attempting to tap into the whole green movement in order to protect their aging business model. When the company is forced to sell digitally, it will lose ground to PC distributors like Steam and Origin who offer greater gaming experiences at a fraction of the cost. Now is my rant shortsighted? That is up to the reader to decide. All I am saying is that digital distribution is the wave of the future, and any attempt to derail it only hurts the industry in the long run as internet speeds become faster and faster.


The only country I know that burns coal for electricity on a massive scale is China, and whatever comment you have on your lips you might as well let it die there because China is not a country which would listen to outside criticisms. Heck the government of the PRC does not even listen to its own people, so good luck with that.


Sony is smart, they want to protect their business and promote their console as the only – only – gaming platform worth purchasing. Face it folks it is a business move: plain and simple. The green movement has money, and they want some of it. Anyways folks this concludes the coffee break for the 6th of September 2014. Now if you will excuse me, I will try to go to sleep with the noisy party going on next door. Technically I could go knock on their door and demand they turn down their music lest I ask the Strata to send them a letter, but whatever – their young and deserve to let off some steam. Have a good one folks, and I shall see you next time.


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