The Coffee Break. 9 September 2014.

Hello folks;


Finally a post that is released on the same day as it is published – not that the “advanced recon” format was bad or anything. Well what can the writer go on about in today’s coffee break? How about some talk on finishing Mass Effect 3 with both the Citadel DLC, and the Extended Cut DLC installed; seems fair considering the game’s first play through session was completed early this morning – might as well write about it while the memory is still fresh.


Well the first thing I want to talk about is the ending sequence: because I did not successfully gain 100% galactic readiness, I did see some ships get decimated during the final battle against the Reapers. Now the readiness I managed to gather was a little over 60%, but it seems that even with the amount available the fleets suffer heavy losses as a result of some elements missing from action. Perhaps instead of the Geth, I should have chosen the Quarian fleets instead; that way I also get Tali at the penthouse party as well.


Next we come to the Citadel DLC: what a ride it was to experience. Having to fight a Shepard clone, seeing a rather upscale part of the Citadel, and being able to wander around and hang out with the characters of your crew was quite the experience. Shore leave was fun, and the apartment that Shepard gets from Anderson is quite nice indeed: I think later down the line when I choose a townhouse or an apartment, I think I might aim for a similar look – minus the flying cars and so on of course. Now the first chunk of the DLC features the conspiracy story, and that you have to play through entirely in order to continue on with the rest of the game (that is if you chose to activate the quest to begin with). After defeating the final boss, you can then continue on with your missions as normal, and then return for the second half of the DLC which is the party that you throw in your apartment. One note of advice here, throw the party after you help Miranda, otherwise she will not show up at the party. Then again in my play through, either because I did not import my Mass Effect 2 save, or I talked to Miranda too early, she died at the end of that mission. Shame but oh well, I was dating Ashley anyways so to hell with the ex-Cerberus agent (humor intended).


Moving along, the ending gave me a sense of closure with the Extended Cut DLC installed. Now I did not play ME 3 on release, nor did I play it without the extended cut, and as such I did not simply watch my decisions go to waste per se. Taking control of the Reapers, the usual cinematic played, and afterwards the memorial, then the stargazers’ final bit before a thank you message popped up, and I was sent back to the part of the game where I was about to attack the Cerberus base (the game reverts to this stage upon completion). Suffice it to say I really enjoyed the game overall, and fighting on a ruined Earth was a nice finale to all the hard work that had to be done in order to assemble the mighty fleet and army to fight the Reapers. The next play through will probably be with the Female Shepard, as well as the Male Shepard that I plan on importing once I finish Mass Effect 2.


This late into the game’s life cycle, everything is available and the complete package is there for a customer to purchase. There is no longer any issues present with the game (that I have noticed anyways), and the game is whole to say the least. Definitely worth the 34 hours played, and the money paid.


Switching gears here, apparently Destiny is out today. Now I am no longer a console gamer, so I will be unable to play the title until it comes out on PC – if it ever comes out on PC. With that said though, I will keep an eye on reviews and so on, as well as game play footage to give some opinions on what the game feels like to a third-party observer so to speak, so stay tuned for that bit coming soon. Until then folks, this concludes the coffee break for the 9th of September 2014: thank you all for reading, and I shall see you next time.

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