The Coffee Break. 11 September 2014.

Hello folks;


Every so often we stumble across some greedy person’s attempt to control the internet. First it was the whole SOPA brigade, and now we have the US cable companies wanting to prioritize internet speeds for those who pay more cash for better speeds. Totalbiscuit said it well: “they are not increasing speeds, rather using a 70 km/h lane for premium customers, and taking the other 70km/h lane and reducing it to a 30km/h lane.” The sharp-eyed among you will no doubt realize I am paraphrasing, but the concept stands.


Included in this coffee break are two links: one leading to Totalbiscuit’s video on Net Neutrality, and the other to the ‘battle for the net’ website. Also I encourage the US viewers of this blog to write to your local congressmen to voice your concerns and ask them to protect your internet from infringement by greedy persons. The US is a democracy, and therefore you will always have the right to voice your concerns. These people represent you, so make them represent you. Otherwise come next election they can start filling out a Taco Bell application because they failed in their duties as representatives.

Battle for the net.


Totalbiscuit’s Net Neutrality video.


Okay now let us return to some gaming stuff. Started the second play through of Mass Effect 3: suffice it to say female Shepard seems a lot more humorous than the male Shepard. There is often more humor between Shepard, James, and Cortez than Male Shepard, James, and Cortez (Wrex not withstanding). Now one part that really stood out for me was seeing Fem. Shepard sparring with Vega. The idea that men and women can fight one another in a military environment, and where women can take a hit really appeals to me. Female or Male, war is war: both have equal right to fight for their country. Hell if she can bear the rucksack load, the rifle, webbing and helmet, welcome aboard. Now you take point and I will cover with the heavy machine gun: cool?

Fem.Shepard offers a different approach to things, which is further enhanced by Jennifer Hale’s talents in helping to bring the character to life. Indeed she seems very enthusiastic with the role as her voice acting is second to none, and Fem.Shepard is truly a better figure thanks to her efforts.

Regarding Mass Effect 2, I have not finished that game yet. While it is tempting to use the comic that is available, I am reading mixed reviews about how the comic does not offer certain romance options. Indeed the decisions such as saving the council are important, but the romance mechanic – to me at least – is vital for character interaction as it adds that level of depth to the character rather than the usual: “I am a Space Marine. I am Elite: join us.” That said, I will take my time with Mass Effect 2 as the game – despite my frustration with combat – is still worth the effort.


Well this was a handful: net neutrality, females in combat, and Shepard sparring with Mr. Steroid- I mean James Vega. This concludes the coffee break for the 11th of September 2014: take care out there, and I shall see you next time.

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