The Coffee Break. 17 September 2014.

Hello folks;


Well it has been a wonderful five days: took a trip to Alberta, enjoyed a bit of the last days of summer if you will, and now I have returned home to BC. Feeling good and off to an excellent start; let us talk gaming today. According to, Destiny is now the: “world’s best-selling new franchise ever.” Normally this would not warrant the attention of yours truly, but in this case it was deemed appropriate to discuss the whole: “we are the best-selling franchise ever” phenomenon.


First off a game can only be the “best-selling franchise ever” if the game can sell in the long term. Short term sales can give off a false sense of invincibility, but remember that a good franchise lasts decades, whereas a franchise that was part of “the moment” tends to drop off the radar and become another forgotten relic of a bygone age.


The IGN article did mention how Ubisoft stated that Watch Dogs was the best-selling new IP in video games history without revealing statistics and so on. Sure the pre-orders and day one sales may make a difference in terms of viability of the franchise over the coming years, but that alone cannot be used as an indicator of long-term success. Halo for example was able to sell year after year, so much so that the game series has become a flagship title on the Xbox. Another game that can be counted as successful is the Deus Ex series: the original game that came out in 2000. That game was a success in regards to being an original IP, and it shows as people time and time again refer to the original when comparing its successors Invisible Wars, and Human Revolution. The lasting impression that etches itself into people’s hearts is what counts when talking about successful IPs, not initial sales figures and so on.


Then again one has to see the reality: the suits are in charge of funding and development. Video games in the end is an entertainment format, and if it does not sell initially, then the suits will decide it is not worth the effort and scrap the entire concept along with its crew. First impressions are indeed important ladies and gentlemen: in an interview for a job, and in the video games industry.


Moving along I had a wonderful time in Alberta. Certainly the first day I arrived there it was covered in a light dusting of snow, but over time the snow melted and I was treated to a scenic view of the landscape around the central and southern parts of the province. While the trip was fun and all, it is good to be back home at last, and it seems as though after taking the trip, I was able to re-align myself per se in that I feel a strong motivating factor, whereas previously every time I sat in front of my computer I felt less than adequate.


Indeed “getting away” could be a good antidote for feeling less-than-adequate so to speak. Puts things in perspective, and reinvigorates the mind to take on the challenges that lay ahead of us all. Feeling a lot better, hopefully this sense of purpose can translate into more written pieces for you folks here on Thoughts and Topics. Whatever the case this concludes the coffee break for the 17th of September 2014: take care out there, and I shall see you next time.

IGN article: “Destiny is the world’s best-selling new franchise ever.”


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