The Coffee Break. 19 September 2014.

Hello folks;


Earlier today an article surfaced on CBC detailing the CRTC (that is Canada’s regulatory body for Television, radio, and telecommunications), wrapping up its final day of hearings with representatives from Netflix urging the body not to regulate the internet for sake of competition and innovation. The CRTC is currently holding hearings regarding the current status of television, and the future of broadcast here in Canada.


Alright well all of you know where I stand on this subject. Here in Canada the political parties in office – the majority government and the official opposition – have stated that they will not support regulating the internet. Good news thus far, but be weary of such promises because if the CRTC decides to play ‘fast and furious,’ things could go south very fast. Now to my fellow countrymen here in Canada, I urge you to get in touch with your Members of Parliament (MPs) and let them know that you oppose regulating the internet. Remember that the CRTC cannot overturn either Parliament, or the Supreme Court of Canada, and has no authority to defy them should the people call upon these two institutions to act on their behalf. The internet is one of the best things that has happened to humanity, and despite our victories thus far, we must not relent in our pursuit of an open and neutral internet: for us, and for future generations to come.


Okay enough with the whole: “wave the flag lads and follow me! Onwards to glory!” mentality, let us talk video games. Well my subscription for The Old Republic is about to expire, but in the mean time I am making use of the time left to level my agent as far as I can go before it expires and I lose my experience bonus for being in a rest zone. The game itself still plays great, but I cannot shake the feeling that it is a bit stiff in the sense that combat and movement is not as fluid nor fast-pace as – say – Mass Effect 3, or Guild Wars 2. Indeed Bioware’s choice of making the game into an MMO did cause a lot of people – myself included – to raise an eyebrow or two, but I say the MMO part is what keeps the game alive. Player housing, campaign, flashpoints, missions and so on add to the experience on top of the whole aspect of fighting with a guild. Some guilds are alright, others are ‘interesting,’ and I will leave it at that. Whatever the case as the time ticks down to expiration day, I shall be fighting in the name of the Empire as usual, and let us see where it goes from there.


Okay today I am going to have to cut this one short: I have a few things I need to do. Therefore this concludes the coffee break for the 19th of September 2014: have a good weekend, and I shall see you next time.



Netflix tells CRTC consumers should vote with their dollars (CBC news article):


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