Where is my story Destiny?

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After watching Angry Joe’s video on the latest game from Bungie, Destiny, it has become clear that even a developer who has an excellent reputation for developing great games can fall victim to the DLC train. During the video, Angry Joe makes some valid points regarding the story, and how chunks of it was cut out and either will be sold as DLC later down the line (or expansion packs), or was removed and will never be included into the game ever again.

destiny last city on earth

Fans of Bungie’s earlier works during the beginning of the 21st century will be disappointed with Destiny, which is a shame considering how amazing their work on the Halo series up to this point has been. This fresh new start away from Microsoft could have been a new beginning – a golden beginning – for the company, something a lot of fans of Bungie on the Playstation systems were hoping for and ‘got,’ though whether or not they got a decent experience is left to the users to decide.


Now comes my perspective: rather than getting the good old Bungie-developed masterpiece, we got a game that was missing chunks of the story, and of which failed to deliver on that end of the spectrum. Now Joe has stated that the multiplayer is top notch, but yet even with that saving point I could not help but feel cheated, robbed by those of whom I placed my trust. Destiny could have given us an awe-inspiring story – a brave new world full of adventure, danger, mystery, and of course combat. Whether or not in the next expansion (hopefully it is stand alone) they will include a better story is for time to tell, for we cannot see into the future as well as the gods who created us all (yay giant titans with boulders for fists). Here is hoping the story will be better someday: I like a good story, regardless if it is a multiplayer game or a singleplayer game.


The entire concept behind gaming is to escape to a mysterious new world in a risk-free environment. After all do people really want to be running for their lives for a living (you may be crazy, but I am not)? Gaming is a window into another realm; a pathway into the beyond. The story may only be the meat in a dish of meat and potatoes, but it is an important part of the dish: please include it next time. This has been the writer for Thoughts and Topics, and I shall see you next time.


Destiny Angry Review (Angry Joe Show)


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