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Now this was an interesting find: according to IGN Destiny was supposed to have a completely different story altogether from the current one that is now out on the market. According to the article, a poster on Reddit claims that they were part of a group that was invited by Bungie to participate in a user research program. Cutting the long story short (and also because I will provide a link to the article at the end of this coffee break), the game was supposed to feature a totally different character, and the main character was somehow tied to the darkness, the traveler, and there were a lot more twists and turns that could make your head spin, so I will stop here (humor intended).

destiny last city on earth

Adding to this mystery is the fact that the lead writer for Bungie, Joseph Staten, left the company back in September of 2013. This departure of their lead writer could have left the company struggling to replace the story, or finish off the existing material that Staten had left behind. Whether or not this is true is up to the reader to decide, but the speculation is as good as any in a time such as this.


Alright where do I begin with this story. First of all it would have been interesting to see the main character be more involved with the plot, and to have the figures in the story – that masked leader of the Guardians, the Traveler, and the Darkness – all play a more active role, rather than just be a ball in the sky, a vague prophet, and some spoken evil lurking in deep space. Long story short, in my mind this seems more like a story similar to Gears of War in that the fuel that the Coalition fought for during the Pendulum Wars (which lasted nearly 75 years), turned out to be a biological organism that turned Locust and Humans into exploding demons which preyed on the living. This sort of: “the thing you have fought to protect/gain is now the enemy and you need to re-work your strategy” makes a story interesting largely because it forces the characters to adapt to their new environment, as well as continue fighting on as their slivers of hope fade into the shadows of the night. Regardless Destiny – the current Destiny – feels empty, and void of any life whatsoever.


Sure the environments are nice and you can jump around and make a fool of yourself, but the game needs a story – we all need a story. Somewhere out there, lost in the mists of time, a story exists for Destiny – one that would have been as amazing as Halo Reach, whereby during the cutscenes, the remnants of humanity’s near-fatal loss could be seen, showing the player the power our race once had before we nearly collapsed into nothing. The dust could be shown blowing over ruins of ancient cities, devastated armies, lost ships, and the list can go on – further illustrating just how bleak our world has become after the Traveler’s sacrifice. Also what about the politics of Destiny? Surely a last-stand city on Earth would have a degree of politics involved (though the Coalition in Gears only had their council, their chairman, and a military advisor). Perhaps a radical element within the governing body could exist, putting the safety of the city at risk, and for side missions you as the Guardian can go and take out these radicals who are seeking some sort of end-of-the-world plot to bring about their “new beginning.”


The potential is there for Destiny to be the next amazing thing from Bungie, but right now the company essentially took its game, got a random writer to slap together a basic arc, and then placed it into a box and put it up for sale. Sure there is DLC on the way, but in the end the feeling cannot be shaken. Should they manage to make an expansion that brightens the world, then we may re-work our opinions on the situation. The gamers can forgive, but they will never forget. This has been the writer for the 30th of September 2014. Enjoy that coffee, have a good work day, and I shall see you next time.



IGN article: “Was this the original storyline for Destiny?”


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