The Coffee Break. 3 October 2014.

Hello folks;


While I sit here enjoying my soft chocolate marble ice cream, I thought I might do a bit of writing for you lovely readers out there. After all I write, you read, and everyone walks away smiling (figuratively of course). Let us all take a few steps back from the rush of games industry-related topics and focus on The Old Republic – that MMO that you might be sick of reading about this late into the life cycle.


Indeed my subscription ended as of today – 3 October 2014 – and what I managed to do during the period of time to which I was subscribed was quite refreshing for someone who has played MMOs since his early days. Indeed the gameplay did get a bit stale (hence my voluntary withdrawal from the subscription), but the game itself is quite good to say the least. Start to end the game delivers on the well-known Bioware-style storytelling, and so long as you are leveled a bit past the required number (or have a mob of friends tagging along) the combat is not too difficult.


What I did find as a barrier for my total immersion into the story arcs for the classes was the level requirements. Unfortunately because the game is an MMO, the act of leveling a character is a must if one is to fully enjoy the story without dying too much. This immersion-breaking barrier got the better of me, and in the end I was unable to complete the story arcs for any of my classes – though I managed to level two characters to within range of level forty, and slightly past level forty.


With that said though the game is not bad, and I keep saying this because after the burnout period has passed, the game can come back as a refreshing experience. Indeed I do enjoy the Star Wars universe, and I prefer to enjoy an extensive story over – say – mindlessly raiding and attacking loot caves (Destiny), but in the end the game does what no other MMO does – it tells a story in an interactive way, and the dialogue is well-presented to the audience. Sure Guild Wars 2 can be classed as “superior” when comparing things like immersion and so forth, but when you compare the Living World story arc to – say – Kuat Drive Yards, Kuat wins this round because it allows lower level players to join in on the fun, and not have to sit on the sidelines and wait. Yes the current Forged Alliances story arc does the same thing as the living world, but such is the nature of the MMO market. The endgame is what keeps people engaged, and if the company fails to provide an adequate endgame, then people will stop playing altogether.


Thanks to The Old Republic, I discovered some wonderful voice actors like Jo Wyatt who voiced the female Imperial Agent in the game. After that experience, I picked up Dragon Age 2 not too long ago, and am in the process of playing through the game as the female Hawke (Jo Wyatt voices her). The game opened up a few new interests for me, namely spy stories and more complex plot development. Indeed I enjoyed the Sith Warrior’s story arc, but the agent seemed more – well – suited to my tastes. The twists and turns, the action, the suspense, the changes in the character, and how the dialogue was delivered (most importantly) all added up into one amazing story arc to play through (and to watch on Youtube).


Would I return to this game in the near future? Absolutely, and without a doubt I would recommend this title to friends and family (more so friendly than family because the family are less into video games). Every game has their burnout moments, and if the game is worth its weight in salt, then people will return to them after taking a break from the title. Breaks are important in any aspect of life – be it exercise, work, relationships, and/or gaming. Down the road I may re-subscribe to the game and go forth from there. Hopefully by that time I will stop making so many bloody alternative characters, and focus on the Imperial Agent in order to finish the bloody story arc and get my satisfaction. Only time will tell, so let us rest and sleep lightly – for we await the call to action once more. This has been the writer for the 3rd of October 2014: stay comfy out there, and I shall see you next time.


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