The Coffee Break. 12 October 2014.

Hello folks;


Well it is the weekend, but I thought I might do some writing just to flush out some thoughts I have had regarding the Shadow of Revan expansion for the Old Republic. Now earlier in the week I said that I would have been interested in purchasing the pack for the x12 experience points boost – well I seem to have stepped back from that statement and have now re-considered my approach.


The reason for this change of pace is the entire deal – the subscription plus the expansion – would have cost me fifty dollars. Now to some this is pennies, but to others like myself who game on a budget, it can break the budget so to speak. Fifty dollars can buy a lot of games on storefronts like GoG, Steam, and Origin (to name a few). Sure I said earlier that I would be interested in doing just class stories, but it would feel rushed. Right now as it stands, I have a total of 11 characters, of which about six of them are past level twenty – out of the six, about two are near or past level forty. Now imagine wanting to make use of this experience boost, but feeling the need to do it now because of the two-month non-reoccurring subscription and the expiry date of December 1st for the x12 experience boost constantly nagging you as you go about your day, working, going to the gym, cooking, cleaning, and scheduling other activities.


Gaming is meant to be enjoyable, not to be treated like a chore – always having to be done daily. Sure to some they want this feeling, and others set aside time during a day to play some games – I however do not want to feel burdened by my games, and feel the constant frustration of having money wasted simply by not making use of either some experience boost, or game time.


Youtubers do their thing because they want to, and some are lucky enough (Totalbiscuit being one of them) to make a living off of it. However for many (Totalbiscuit included), this started as a passion project, and evolved into something more thanks to the current economic situation. There was never a push to play, nor was there some mandatory conscription-like scheme in place whereby if a player did not play, then some sort of legal action would be taken. Gaming is there for us to enjoy it, and as such I did not bother with the expansion in the end as I felt my money could be put to other games. Being on a budget is the reality for many, and I must save my hard-earned cash for the games that go on sale, and not throw down fifty dollars here, or sixty dollars there whenever I feel like it. Were it possible and I had the coin to do so sure, I would: TOR deserves that much. The game – this late in life – is a complete package per se, and being an expansion, there should not be any bugs in the core mechanics that would otherwise hinder our ability to enjoy the title.


Presently I am in the mood to play some single-player RPGs like Dragon Age Origins, so I shall pursue this avenue. This has been the writer for the 12th of October 2014: thank you for reading, and happy Thanksgiving to those of us living in Canada – to the rest, have a wonderful weekend, and I shall see you next time.


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