The Coffee Break. 18 October 2014.

Hello folks;

National Assembly of Quebec

According to the news radio CJAD 800 AM’s article, Anglophone groups were rejected when they wanted to take part in the Bill 10 hearings taking place in the province of Quebec. Long story short, this bill will affect healthcare in the province, and being a minority, Anglophones are quite nervous about what this means for the quality of care they will receive when living in a province like Quebec which is home to a Francophone majority (while the rest of Canada speaks English, only a small minority in Quebec speak English).


Right well it has been a while since I wrote on Quebec affairs has it not? Presently it was some source from the opposition which stated that Anglophone groups such as the Voice of English-speaking Quebec (VEQ), and the Townshipper’s Association who were rejected when they expressed interest in participating in talks regarding Bill 10 and the future of healthcare in the province for Anglophones.


Well I can understand their concern – indeed any group would be concerned when a major bill could affect their quality of life in a given region. However here are two bits I would like to point out: one is the opposition simply stating this to gain support from the Anglophone minority – a minority that can turn the tide of an election – or two is the Liberals alienating their very support base for a reason? Now CJAD interviewed several people who stated that the Liberals deem too many participants as a hindrance to their adoption of the bill, which the Liberals no doubt wish to use as part of their overall plan to balance the budget for the province in the spring.


Indeed it would be nice to hear from the Liberals as to whether or not this is all a misunderstanding, because if the Anglophones cannot support a party that will look out for their interests, who can they turn towards? The Parti Quebecois (PQ) have shown that they are willing to trample Anglophones in order to secure their vision of the future, and the other parties available on the ballot are all former PQ members who defected from their ranks.


Indeed it is true when Ned Stark said that: “Winter is coming;” this is especially true for Anglophones because if the province continues to either ignore them, and/or keep eroding their services, and their legacy, we might see another internal exodus of persons from Quebec to the other provinces in this country. Best case scenario, Quebec remains part of Canada, and this migration (should it happen) does not signal any sort of impending doom – persons migrating within a country for a better life is not unheard of, and indeed if they can afford to, they should. Worst case scenario, once the federalists are removed from the province by erosion of their essential services and deprivation of their rights (thesis), then the province could push towards full independence of which we could see the landscape of Canada change – a scary notion given that stability is quite often taken for granted, and a civil war could be inevitable. Regardless, let us hope that this “foresight” is just a writer rambling, and that the Liberals will come to reason and return to normal – otherwise I think I owe someone a cigar and a glass of brandy for losing that bet (humor intended).


Anyways folks this concludes the coffee break for the 18th of October 2014. Keep the food hot, and the ammo clean, and I shall see you next time.



CJAD 800 article:


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