Call of Juarez Gunslinger: six-shooters galore and the wild west frontier.

(Disclaimer: This review was written earlier during the summer of 2014 – thus the dates and day(s) mentioned may seem a bit off. Happy reading folks!)

Hello folks;


Earlier on Saturday, 20th of July 2014, a game came across my radar while I was surfing on Humble Bundle’s website. Titled Call of Juarez Gunslinger, this western-themed singleplayer shooter entered my radar some time after its release, and thanks to a sale that went on for the entire weekend on humble bundle. After loading into the game I was initially frustrated with it, that is until I discovered that silly old me had the game cranked to high settings. Lowering these settings fixed the problem, and I was rewarded with a rather unique and delightful title.

Call of Juarez 1

Being a single-player game, I was skeptical about its re-playability. Yet after watching Totalbiscuit showcase the game on his “WTF is” series, my initial fears were wiped away and I made the commitment to purchase. Combat-wise this game features a nice refreshing take on FPS combat with the old six-shooters, lever-action rifles, and double-barrel break-action shotguns. Combat – while still about the same as you would find in any FPS title – was not as fast as Rise of the Triad, but not as slow as Battlefield 3 either. Combat in Gunslinger was fluid, fast, and fun. Throwing sticks of dynamite at the enemy in place of grenades before charging in to finish off his buddies with a double barrel shotgun, and then pulling out a six-shooter (revolver) to knock a few head shots was quite exhilarating and addictive. Throughout Sunday I found myself oddly interested in re-playing some of the arcade maps where you run through them in an attempt to get a higher score than your last run: who needs multiplayer when you have this anti-social antidote right (humor intended)?


Story-wise it is told through the character’s own re-telling, as well as some “correcting” where the character tells his side of the story that is not written in his legends novel and fan fiction. Graphics-wise, it feels a lot like Borderlands 1, which was nice considering how many pseudo-realistic/realistic environments there are in first person shooters these days. Stylized landscapes are a nice alternative indeed, and Gunslinger definitely delivers on this aspect.

Call-of-Juarez 2

Now as said earlier this game has no multiplayer which is a shame considering how much I wanted to duel my friends on Steam (I’m a strange person I know). Imagine dueling friends in the western-style shootouts, or running through arcade maps in co-op; how much more that would add to the gameplay. Sadly this is not the case, but thanks to arcade mode, story mode, and duel mode, this game – despite being a singleplayer only title – has hours of re-playability that will keep you entertained for months to come as you use it to – and it can work – train your twitch combat skills for other FPS games.


Now the game’s combat also features two unique systems: concentration and – I think – “luck” (Do not quote me on this). Concentration allows you to slow down time and take shots at the enemy, making tight situations less stressful and a lot more enjoyable. “Luck” allows you to dodge enemy bullets which occur during those “close calls” situations where they are really close to you and you need to dodge. Though I must confess even with that I got hit several times, but it being there makes the game a lot more interesting to play through than just: “oh I’m hit, yay.”

Call-of-Juarez-Gunslinger 3

Full price this game retails for 15.00 USD on Steam, and being a 15.00 game it is quite enjoyable to say the least. Sale or not, the game is worth the price, and with this game and Bad Company 2, I think I might need to invest in those – what do you call them – portable toilets? You know, the one that was featured in Angry Joe’s review of Skyrim: metal and in the shape of a toilet: he also recommended duck tape to prevent loss of accuracy per se? Ah nevermind, you can look it up on google when you get the chance (humor intended).


Okay folks that about does it for this review: thanks for reading, and I shall see you next time.


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