W- why is the fighter not responding?! The Coffee Break. 28 October 2014.

Hello folks;


The usual rule apples – out early for the 28th of October (written on the 27th in the evening).


Alright, well what a week it has been – shooting in Ottawa, attack on military personnel in Quebec, and now – the 27th of October – some moron decided it was a good idea to throw blood at people in a coffee shop (I will leave a link to that story below). Must be “that time of year again” when insane people show up and do some weird stuff. That said, this is reality – therefore let us talk about video games as it seems to be more encouraging than the daily news “rubbish” that is seen regularly (also because that is what you people seem to like to read the most (humor intended)).


Man Splatters Blood on Tim Hortons Customers in Vernon – CBC News:



War Thunder: well I have not touched this game in quite some time, and indeed the game is still doing well when I last left it – I hope at least. When I logged in (being someone who focused heavily on tanks since the release of the Ground Forces module) I did did not realize that I had set my controls to “simplified,” rather than “mouse aim.” When I went to play some Air Forces, I was greeted with a strange flying control scheme to which I ended up wasting a good handful of planes trying to figure out. Soon after I left the match and did some tinkering, to which I discovered this messed up scheme that I had locked myself into unconsciously; what an embarrassing moment. Suffice it to say since the “repair work” was done, the planes fly a lot better and a lot smoother – oh the risk of rage-quitting was certainly present I can tell you that.

War Thunder Wallpaper


Coming back to War Thunder after nearly half a year of not playing it, the game feels fresh and exciting to say the least. Lately I have gotten bored of tanks, so it was nice to have the option to fly fighter planes and engage in dog fights up in the skies. Gaijin (the makers of War Thunder) is presently working on their Ground Forces module and improving it (as it is their primary focus at this time), yet I wonder what the game would be like once the Naval Combat module is released. Knowing Gaijin, they will not let Wargaming.net get a foothold with their World of Warships, and knowing the makers of War Thunder they will most likely keep pace with Wargaming in an attempt to stay competitive. Personally I want to try both games, and see which one will give me a Battleship at earliest opportunity – I want to shoot those large caliber guns (it’s an armchair-general thing (humor intended)).


Going off topic here let us talk food. Recently I have had an interest to watch a ton of Epic Meal Time’s episodes on Youtube, and that has led me to also observe Chef Gordon Ramsay’s videos as well. Suffice it to say, the simple recipes make me want to cook up some simple, and creative food items to eat at my leisure. Food encompasses a big part of my life, and if my meals can taste like heaven, then perhaps the quality of work will be better in the long run.


Alright I think I have exhausted the reserves for the day: thank you all for reading, and I shall see you next time.


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