Halo 2 with re-mastered cutscenes?! Thank the Emperor! The Coffee Break 31 October 2014.

Hello folks;


The usual applies: out early (published on the 30th in the evening) for your reading pleasure the next day (like – oh I don’t know – during an actual coffee break (humor intended)).


Halo 2 anniversary – oh heavens my eyes were just blessed with the most amazing gift of all. Sadly it was not laser vision (I know, I was disappointed too), but instead I was treated to a trailer for the upcoming re-mastered Halo 2 for Xbox One. Watching the preview, yes they were effectively the same story cutscenes I have seen before, but oh boy did the studio tasked by 343 to re-master the cinematics did an amazing job.

Halo 2 anniversary logo

One could tell you about the hyper-realistic portrayal of the characters; one could tell you of the amazing realism surrounding simple things like hair and reflections; one could tell you about how awesome the cutscenes are going to be when the game launches on November 11th, but I have a link to the youtube video so just watch it and save me the trouble of having to report in to a medical specialist regarding pain in my fingers and wrists (humor intended).

Admiral Hood Halo 2 anniversary


Halo 2 anniversary trailer


Oh this November shall be glorious! Then again I do not own an Xbox One, but when I do that game will be the first in my library (pending whether or not I want to get another console as the PS4/Xbox One generation so far has failed to impress thee). Oh good heavens I am soaking in the hype presently – I recall getting the game back in 2004/2005 when it was launched on the original Xbox. Suffice it to say it will feel like visiting an old friend who disappeared into the pages of history, only to re-emerge nearly a decade later festooned with medals and ribbons from a campaign long-since ended with victory (a hard-fought victory I might add). 343 definitely knows how to make money: classic games do sell, and as evidenced by the success of GoG.com, why not take the same road in re-releasing some older titles to really add some flavour into the gaming scene per se. After all just because a game is “old” does not mean it is utterly unplayable (unless we are talking games without their intended systems, then you are S*** out of luck my friend (ie: a game without the NES to run the cartridge itself)).


Classic games ladies and gentlemen – makes me want to play Star Wars TIE fighter (because go Empire, boo Rebellion, and both X-wing and TIE fighter games are now on GOG (humor intended)). Anyways folks hope you enjoyed this “song and dance,” and I shall see you next time.


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