Fury – an after action report (after the film)

WARNING: possible spoilers below – read at your own risk.

Fury – a war movie starring Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf which takes place during the Allies’ push into Germany proper is actually quite, good. Now I am not saying it is mediocre, rather it was exactly as I had expected (and hoped for): a gritty war film that neither glorifies, nor dishonours the men who fought and died in the Sherman tanks for the allied armies.


Indeed the film itself – at least from what I can recall – uses little dramatic music, and instead relies on the screen performances of the actors and actresses in order to deliver the story of what happened during the final days of the war. A bit of a romance is sparked, and a young boy grows into a man as the tank crew of the Sherman M4A2E8 (or “easy eight” as it is colloquially known) fights the final battles in Germany against a combination of Volksstrum, Wehrmacht, and SS-battalions.


Action sequences are excellent as the film uses one of the last surviving examples of the Tiger 1 tank which was on loan to the film set from the Bovington Tank Museum at Bovington, England. Other tanks used included authentic Sherman M4s, all of which added to re-create one of the best war films I have seen in recent memory. The sense of camaraderie is not initially evident, but over time the crew opens up to the camera per se, and eventually it all flows out like a bottle of wine into a glass – smoothly, and with ease. This film is definitely worth a look at in my honest opinion, and it is on this note that I end this rather short – yet important (in my opinion) – review of Fury: now in theaters for all to enjoy. One key bit to note however – two out of the three action sequences are amazing as noted above, but it should be mentioned that the final action sequence against an SS-battalion is pretty much a Hollywood cheese-fest. That last bit where the crew performs a last stand, features some rather brain-dead SS-troopers – it was as though they had all of a sudden forgotten how to fight like – well – elite soldiers. Yet for those of you who enjoy heroic last stands, it does exactly that – I must admit I am guilty of enjoying the final stand as it was “bullet-tastic” (you see what I did there? No? Well too bad you read it anyways (humor intended)).


Onto some quick news before I end this post for the day: I apologize for a lack of regular content for this blog. Presently I am re-organizing several things in my end, and as such I only write for the blog if it is a sort of “as need to” basis, if I may be allowed the phrase. Indeed I am still writing here on Thoughts and Topics, but as things pick up for me on this end, there will be some weeks give or take where there is nothing new released on Thoughts and Topics. Please understand that I enjoy writing as much as you enjoy reading, but priorities come first I am afraid – I know you guys will understand.

Now if you all will excuse me, I need to get some sleep – I have some civic duties to attend to in the morning. Fare well for now dear readers; stay safe out there, and I shall catch you next time.


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