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Dragon Age Inquisition has released this week, and boy has it delivered something amazing. Regardless of what the common opinion may be, the song sung by the troops of the Inquisition at a certain part of the game is quite – magical – to say the least. Now up until this point, the only “choir” songs I have memorized are the Misty Mountains Cold from the Hobbit film series, and Men of Harlech – a Welsh Regimental song.


Indeed Dragon Age Inquisition captures what it would be like when a new – per se – religious order marches forth to face a grave threat. Indeed in their darkest hour, nothing can boost morale better than one unified voice. Now make no mistake, the Chantry is an organization that excels in such “sermons” per se (many of the Inquisition’s members are ex-Chantry/ex-Templars), but despite the evidence of them being naturals, the song in the game – which is sung by some of the main cast plus army – is really something. Goosebumps indeed develop when the host sings as one, bringing their spirits out of sorrow as they soldier on in the name of the newly formed Inquisition – fighting for the Maker, for Thedas, and for all living beings (Darkspawn not included).


Think however you wish, but my opinion stands: I shall memorize the Song of the Inquisition because it deserves nothing less. Just magnificent; grand splendor indeed. Below is a link to the video on Youtube; this has been the Writer, and I shall see you next time.

Dragon Age: Inquisition – The Song of the Inquisition


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