The Coffee Break. 3 December 2014.

Hello folks;


Nearly at the end of the year, and boy has it been an interesting year. Now thus far Dragon Age Inquisition is eating up a lot of time, and that time is about to be eaten up some more by the expansion for Star Wars the Old Republic. Titled: “Shadow of Revan,” this new expansion DLC focuses on everyone’s favourite Jedi turned Sith, then back to Jedi, then back to crazed lord of whatever he calls his army (Revanites I believe is their name). Not to sound like I am going all out fanboy here, but I am – this season is probably the best for deep narrative storytelling in video games (in my memory anyways). Dragon Age, The Old Republic, and Telltale games and their releases of Game of Thrones, and Tales from the Borderlands.


Storytelling in video games is a unique experience, and with branching dialogue, and strong character development, the game becomes all that much better. Sure we can rely on the developer to give us a scripted story (I have no issue with this; let us be very clear here), but having choice in dialogue goes a long way in really making video games that much more unique – separate from books, movies, and television shows.


Tales from the Borderlands was interesting (yes that was next; I was getting there people (humor intended) ), and indeed it gives new life into a franchise that is still going strong, but can always become stronger. Sure shooting hordes of bullet-spongy enemies can be fun with friends, but whenever you are on your own, you might prefer a deep narrative as opposed to the same old tactics – after all, books are best enjoyed alone, whereas football is better with a team.

Now I am not here to say whether or not Tales from the Borderlands is worth it, only to say that I enjoyed it. Check out the videos on Youtube, and find out for yourself if you wish to make that purchase. Next up on my list of “to-play” is the Game of Thrones series by Telltale, or at least chapter 1. Anyways folks this concludes the- wait I forgot the Star Wars teaser!


Right so before I conclude this, some thoughts on the teaser – it was awesome. Indeed the scene where the Stormtroopers were preparing for action as the ramp lowered was a unique perspective, and indeed Star Wars could use more complex storytelling than what Lucas originally did with the whole: “it was a classic story of good verses evil.” Enough with that nonsense, I want to see the story from the Empire’s side (yes, I like the Sith Empire from SWTOR, therefore I am inclined to push for the Empire being the central feature here). Perhaps this could be Thawn’s Empire, where aliens are accepted into their ranks, and where the Empire is aiming to be more of a force for good, rather than the Emperor’s version where human high culture is dominant, and where their forces seek only to conquer – never to ally, or help.

sw_trooper helmet_EP7

The new helmet design was fascinating to examine on Google – kind of going backwards with the clone influence, but still very effective in making the soldier intimidating to the enemy. These are combat soldiers we are talking about here, not clowns or actors in a children’s story. Combat soldiers need to look aggressive, because their job is – well – combat. Anyways, thoughts for the day – have a safe week out there folks, and I will see you when I see you.


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