A quick note on Aglukkaq, the minister who read the paper in Parliament.

Hello folks;


Those of you living in Canada and keeping track of the news will no doubt have heard that the environment minister Leona Aglukkaq was caught reading the newspaper while in a session of parliament. Summarizing the entire incident, she was expected to retort allegations that her community was scavenging for food in the local dump, to which she simply kept on reading her newspaper. Unfortunately for the Prime Minister, he had to defend his environment minister from official opposition scrutiny as she simply did not seem to care. Later on she was interviewed by CBC (later on in the week), where she apologized for her actions.

Sometimes I just want to sit back and watch the chaos unfold, and yet despite my best efforts, I find myself here on this blog, in the rhetoric section, writing about how much of a clown this woman is, and why did she even make it into office. Voters place great faith in their leaders – democracy is the heart of our civilization on this side of the world. Yet with ministers like Aglukkaq who show complete disinterest when in office, one has to wonder how are these ministers chosen to begin with? Certainly this is a representative democracy, and as such we place faith in our politicians to represent us as citizens, but can they – perhaps – work a bit harder to show that they deserve to hold office? The simple gesture of “apologizing” (if you can even call it that) is not going to win back hearts and minds when there are stories that your own community – the one you were voted to represent – is having to look for food in a local landfill.


Minister Aglukkaq, it is time for you to step down. Sure you can “argue” that you deserve the spot, but like so many people out there who “argue” that they deserve the job, you just simply are not qualified for the position. Time for you to return to the office, and re-think your career choice. Parliament is not a circus, it is the seat of government in this country of ours – you might want to try an actual circus if you are going to behave like a joker out there on the public stage.



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