The Coffee Break. 5 December 2014.

Hello folks;


Another announcement – Terminator Genisys has an official trailer. The trailer features Arnold in his usual role, along with (what appears to be) Emilia Clarke who appears to be Sarah Connor. Now there is not a whole lot of information available, apart from that it is a reboot of the franchise – otherwise they would not go so far back and play with the timeline. Still it is an interesting step they are taking – let us hope it works out in the end as the Terminator franchise is quite unique.


The link to the trailer will be left at the end of this coffee break. Now onto some other news; I have established a Patreon page for this blog (because all the cool kids are doing it, and I follow the trend (humor intended) ). However in all seriousness, if you readers ever wanted to support this blog directly, feel free to check out the Patreon page and subscribe through that avenue. The link for the page is located below this paragraph, and on the blog’s main page under: “the Patreon Page” tab.


Alright so we covered the trailer featuring Arnold and Emilia, and we covered some recent updates to the blog – what else am I missing? Oh yes, the Game of Thrones series by Telltales. Well I can honestly say that the story arc is well done; indeed the dialogue is very Game of Thrones, and the voice actors (exact same as the original cast, or sound alikes) do an outstanding job with their characters. Further details about the game will come at a later date, but I say it is worth a buy thus far.


Okay this concludes the coffee break for the 5th of December: do not forget to check out the link to the trailer for Terminator Genisys, have a safe weekend, and I shall see you next time.


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