General Patton’s estate suing over use of likeness in video game. The Coffee Break 8 December 2014.

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According to an article from, the agent responsible for managing the use of George S. Patton’s likeness for the Patton family is suing a company called Maximum Games. The agent is citing (according to the article) the use of Patton’s “literal” likeness is not the same as an “expressive” likeness, therefore the company owes damages (and you can read the rest in the link below).

Right well this is certainly not the first case where individuals (usually persons of significant value like celebrities, or persons of historical importance) are attempting to take game developers to court of the use of their likeness. Indeed the agent has the right to sue, but how far are they willing to go is the question? The company in question may have used Patton’s likeness, but ever heard of people looking similar on this earth? Indeed some people have twins, or they have a look-a-like from another country; do they have the right to sue because someone “looks” like them (or copied their twin’s image for a game – the twin being an employee)? Perhaps Patton’s image was used in a disrespectful manner – therefore it is understandable why the agent would take the company to court. Yet if the developer did not engage in offensive behaviour, then why is it such a problem? The man is a hero of the second world war – people will have posters of him, heck even memes are made of the man. What, the agent is now going to take on the internet for the use of Patton in memes? Good luck “suit man,” good luck.

A strange case indeed ladies and gentlemen. The link to the article will be available at the end of this post. Thanks for reading folks, and I shall see you next time.


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