When I was your age… The Coffee Break. 10 December 2014.

Hello folks;


Yes it is about that time of year is it not, a time of year to reflect on how wonderful this past year has been (or not, depending on the individual’s circumstance). While I wait for my lunch to stop being a burning sensation, I thought I would compose today’s coffee break for the purposes of amusement and entertainment. Recently I watched Jingles’ 83rd episode of “Mingles with Jingles,” and after listening to the part where he talks about a particular fellow who he follows on Twitter, I thought I would answer the same question per se. Long story short, the Twitter personality that Jingles follows was going off about how things were different (NOT better, just different) when he was our age (what, you thought I was a grandfather? How dare you *This portion has been censored by the Ministry of Intelligence* (humor intended )).

Right well I can remember when I was growing up, how video games were still doing these block-shaped, ugly triangle polygons that had no expression, and where blinking eyes was an amazing feat. Growing up, the first system I owned was the NES; the device was a gift from an uncle whose sons grew up, and stopped gaming (shame on them, those heretics (humor intended)). However when I was growing up, the mainstream console of the day was the N64; yes the classic N64 with Golden Eye, Perfect Dark, Doom, some crappy port of Starcraft, and the list goes on. Afterwards it was the PS2/Xbox, and you can guess where I would be by the time the 360/PS3 war kicked off.

Gaming has come a long way since then, as did the graphics, the storytelling, and the list goes on. Now some people will harken back to when the games were just pure “fun” per se, but I am inclined to disagree. Controls at the time were clunky at best, and people could not take gaming seriously. Now that games are mainstream, there is an atmosphere of understanding (insane Media outlets and ultra-conservative parents aside) as to what the hobby entails. These days we are moving into touch technology, and crystal-clear displays that bring every inch of detail to life as we sift through dialogue choices with Turians, and ponder who to romance (I go with Miranda Lawson – she’s great (humor intended)).

ME2 miranda lawson

Sometimes nostalgia brings back some classics; example being the site GoG.com with their collection of classic games. Yet looking forward, I can see even greater potential for gaming to expand and grow – something that cannot be said for paper-based media like magazines or newspapers per se. Anyways, the noodles await, so I shall conclude this coffee break for the 10th of December 2014. The usual stuff applies: have a safe week, check our my Patreon page at the top bar and to the right (or the link below), check back often for more articles, and I shall see you next time (but seriously, Miranda Lawson – she is unique, intelligent and think of what an amazing relationship it could turn out to be. However one bit remains; never piss her off because she is ex-Cerberus, and is therefore capable of killing you with a bottle of wine and a kiss – something you will least expect. Yeah sure Ashley Williams can kill you, just you will see it coming as she is a soldier, whereas Miranda will do it in a very “Imperial Intelligence” fashion, or “James Bond” fashion, if you prefer that term. You will come home, sit down to dinner, of which after eating one-third of your meal, you will start to choke, and suffocate. Miranda will then walk up to you slowly as the heels of her shoes clacks against the floor, and when you are out of your chair and on our back, gasping for breath, she will look down at you and say: “it’s not you, it’s me – sorry things turned out this way.” (humor intended)).



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