TGIF (I don’t actually like using that phrase – I just did it as part of a shameless advertising scheme). The Coffee Break 12 December 2014.

Hello folks;


Today feels like a unique sort of day – the sun is shining, the internet is running smoothly (for the most part anyways), and I have an interesting topic to cover: Millennials and the job market. Now before you all switch off out of anger (and to possibly grab a gun to hunt me down, either is possible (humor intended)) hear me out, please. Earlier in the day I read an article about why our generation is finding it difficult to find work; the usual bits applied regarding under-employed and unemployed, and yet I found one bit that intrigued me, one bit that came out as: “huh, you know that is not a bad idea.”


Now some of you may know that the Bank of Canada’s Director came out some time ago in November to say that young people should (quote): “work for free, because at least they are working;” trite propaganda! However the author was not as insane, and instead opted to explain things in this fashion: that old HR directors and recruiters are overlooking our generation’s talents and capabilities. Then he offered something that made a whole lot of sense – that we as a generation have opted to do something unique to our abilities, we create.


Anything from independent projects to freelancing, to more concrete activities like being an entrepreneur; people our generation have opted to create, rather than follow – something I like, and something I can relate towards. Recently I just got off the phone with a municipal agency regarding my application, and to put it bluntly, she – the recruiter – said in very polite terms: “you suck, go find work elsewhere, then come back in two years and beg.” Not a literal translation, but it sure as heck sounded like that; after all why not solve the problem by hiring and mentoring, rather than dismissing and slamming the phone? God-Emperor help me, if another application comes back like that, I will rip the recruiter to shreds over the phone and slam it down myself – I can find my “gold vein” elsewhere you self-absorbed tossers.


Indeed we all share in the same struggle here; entry-level work is drying up, the economy seems to be dragging its feet, and the older generation has left us with a significant amount of debt to bear. Yet there is hope, for we can create our world, a better world; we just have to log on, and start to work – create, share, subscribe, and continue to operate from within the shadows. One day, someday, this “trend” of “robo-hiring” and “know-it-all-stuck-up” HR directors and recruiters will end, all of this pseudo-suffering will end, and we – all of us – will move forward as one, bright beacon. Like the song from Dragon Age Inquisition goes:

“Shadows fall, and hope has fled. Steel your hearts, the dawn will come.

The night is long, and the path is dark – look to the sky, for one day soon, the dawn will come.

The shepard’s lost, and his home is far.

Keep to the stars, the dawn will come.

The night is long, and the path is dark.

Look to the sky, for one day soon, the dawn will come.

Bear your blade, and raise it high – stand your ground, the dawn will come.

The night is long, and the path is dark.

Look to the sky, for one day soon, the dawn will come.”

Indeed ladies and gentlemen look to the sky; we can do it, and our time under the sun will come – our days will be long, and our hardships few. Stand true friends, and thank you so much for staying with Thoughts and Topics – keep safe out there, and I shall see you next time.

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