The Interview: say no to censorship.

Hello folks,

Well this bird has pretty much been beaten into the ground, has it not? The comedy titled: “The Interview” was set to be released earlier this week, but was canceled due to some hacker group stating that they will be conducting 9/11-like terrorist attacks against cinemas. While Youtube channels like Nerdist debunked this myth, it seems Sony has gone ahead to simply pull the film from theaters and not show it in the near future.

The problem with a company kowtowing to some anonymous internet group is that it starts to set a trend whereby if a film were to offend someone, it would receive massive amounts of threats, and then the film would not show – period. This hopefully will not set a trend as censorship and fear of terrorism is not the way to live, but rather to admit defeat to an enemy who has not even taken their first move on the chess board.

Now I am aware that the film was in bad taste, but I mean come on; one key feature in our society here in the west is our freedom to disagree, to dislike, and to criticize – without these freedoms, we lose what makes us what we are. Artists should have the right to engage in creativity, and to not be censored by some sore little tosspot who probably is sympathetic to a regime that would execute him after he served his purpose. Yeah sure, go and bow to some other foreign power – forsake the society to which you owe EVERYTHING, and live in a ditch for the rest of your life. After all, we have a constant flow of people fleeing those regions, so it would not hurt to send some idiot who wants to live there across the border on a one-way trip; saves us food, saves us fuel, and we get to re-distribute their possessions in an auction, or give it to charity: they will not let them cross the border with their belongings anyhow.

Indeed companies like Sony should not fear some internet troll who puts up a threatening webpage, does a few bits of code, and then throws empty threats onto the web. Good lord people, giving into terrorism and living in fear is how terrorists win. Give them no satisfaction, make them fight for every inch of ground, and for the love of the Emperor protect free speech – we will become the demons we fight against if we lose this basic element of our society. Thank you for reading, and I shall see you next time.

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