The Coffee Break. 22 December 2014.

Hello folks,


Slow day with regards to news – apart from the usual: “Sony vs North Korea hackers” scenario. Frankly this fight between freedom and censorship is oddly amusing – the freedom for artists to express, against this monster that is the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea). One bit of trivia for those of you still able to receive short-wave radio signals – the North Koreans broadcast propaganda aimed at the west through that. Now how do I know this, am I a sympathizer? Hardly my dear readers, you know where I stand – no a friend picked up an old radio and repaired it in his spare time. When he activated it after months of work, it picked up the North Korean signal. The usual propaganda was airing: “Dear leader is great, dear leader is god – join dear leader and free yourself” etc.


Now that “dear leader” is dead, they stopped broadcasting the propaganda – at least until the new leader gains some traction in his country. One can imagine what nasty words they will have for the rest of the world when “dear leader” number three gains momentum – well, apart from China (though how long they will remain on ‘okay’ terms remains to be seen).


Okay, enough about dictators – let us talk video games! Well what has the writer been doing as of late with regards to games? Not a whole lot to be honest – my friends sort of postponed the seeing of the final Hobbit film until January; something I plan to fix before the new year (I can solo this raid people, I don’t need you! (humor intended)). Presently I just finished going through the Imperial Agent story arc for the tenth time; I really like the Imperial Agent story. Now I am resting, and preparing for the mayhem that is Christmas – food, family, and annoying relatives (humor intended). Ultimately the gaming-side of this writer has slowed down quite a bit – though I intend to start driving some of those fancy new American Tanks in War Thunder, so that should keep me busy until January.


Anyways folks that’s the coffee break for this Monday – I shall see you next time.

Oh and one more thing before I go, have some music – the soundtrack is from Star Wars: Republic Commando (the only war game you will ever need (humor intended)).


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