RC-3345. The Coffee Break. 23 December 2014.

RC-3345 reporting,


Now relax my dear readers, no Republic Commando (RC) replaced this fine fellow – I just thought I would do something different today. Now I recently started reading a book that has been sitting on my shelf for nearly half a decade: titled Star Wars Republic Commando Hard Contact, by Karen Traviss, the book talks about a group of Republic Commandos (Clones) as they embark on a fresh assignment in the early stages of the clone wars. Not being too far into the book, I cannot say much regarding the story – what I can say however is that the book is so far excellent. Traviss does a stellar job with her writing, and it shows as she does not need to use a ton of words to describe the clone troopers, but rather relies on strategically-placed vocabulary, supplemented by the knowledge that her readers will know what a DC-17 is, rather than having to explain what the weapon is and how it functions from scratch.


Something about Black Ops, espionage, counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, and other related topics appeals to me. Indeed Republic Commando is an example of that, as is the Splinter Cell series, the Imperial Agent story arc from SWTOR, and the list goes on. Sadly Metal Gear is not part of it due to the lack of “realism” associated with the series. Yes, there are parts where stealth is necessary, but when you play “Guns of the Patriots,” it feels like one giant emotion-train – everyone cries about how the world changed, and the usual, exaggerated dialogue and animations enters the fray. Sure it appeals to some, but I like the “realism,” ie: Skyfall, as opposed to Goldfinger – one is inherently more story-focused, while the other is exaggerated, full of “toys,” and otherwise quite corny. Watching Jack Bauer take down a terrorist may be a bit exaggerated, yes – there were moments where I was rolling my eyes, like how in the latest edition of 24 he can go through an entire 24-hour cycle WITHOUT medical treatment. Sure it is a show, but NO medical treatment after a gunshot wound to the shoulder is…not as realistic as I would like. Please directors, at least throw in some medication or something, something to make the scenario more believable – but regardless I enjoyed it nonetheless.


Republic Commando Hard Contact is turning out to be a good book, and I will indeed pick up the other titles in the series where possible. Traviss, you have earned your credits (see what I did there!?! (humor intended)). Now if you will excuse me, I have some reading to do on this rather wet and cold Tuesday afternoon. Keeping with the theme (and in case you missed yesterday’s coffee break) I will leave the full OST for the game Star Wars: Republic Commando here. Take care out there in the field, please try to return the equipment in one piece, and I shall see you next time.


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