Blog update: 6 January 2015.

Hello folks,

Well a new year means changes in some areas of life – however for you, these changes come in the form of a shift in tactics with regards to this blog.
Now as many of you may be aware, the Telegraphed Gazette has frozen still for almost an entire year. The reason for this halt in operations of the gazette is I have taken to writing shorter pieces like The Coffee Break, The Rhetoric, The Reviews, and so on. Writing the gazette (and for no pay as well) has taken its toll – too much work on my plate (among other things), and little to no reward for all my efforts.
Not that I am saying I will make my blog a pay-to-view: that is just suicide for a blog with limited views. Yet changes will come in the form of the type of content I will cover.
Regarding Quebec politics; that is going to go. The situation is not changing, and seeing as I do not plan on setting foot in that province anytime soon as a resident, I will not partake in its affairs – namely writing on the affairs of the province. Now with regards to Canadian affairs, that is staying – I am a Canadian after all, so that will not change.
Regarding the games industry, miscellaneous topics, and so on, those will remain. The key element that this blog was initially founded upon will change – but apart from Quebec affairs being scrapped wholesale, everything else will remain in its place.
Now as a writer, I am committed to writing on this blog – this page will never die. Articles will continue to be published, works written, and the whole ten yards. Should you see an article pop up regarding Quebec, it will fall under the “Canadian affairs” category.
Okay folks, this concludes the update for the blog of Thoughts and Topics – I hope you will all stay and continue to enjoy the work that I create. Take care, and I will see you next time.


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