3D-printed Pizza, CES. The Coffee Break 9 January 2015.

Out of all the things we can talk about (the bad news from France, the good news from CES), we are here to talk about 3D-printed Pizza – delicious. Well where do we begin? Watching a video from IGN on the 8th of January, they showcased a 3D-printer that printed a pizza: an edible pizza. These things are incredible, and with the 3D printer revolutionizing the way we do things, it may be only a matter of time before the average house design will lose the oven in favour of more kitchen counter space per se.

3D printed pizza

Now this is just a short little piece, but I wanted to touch on how amazing things will be in the near future. Efficiency will be the hallmark of our civilization, and it will be technology that propels us forward – not antiquated ideas and practices. Oh how the future looks so bright: you can find the link to the video below this paragraph.

Great, now I want pizza – thanks IGN, you self-absorbed ***** (humor intended). Take care folks, be careful not to spill the sauce, and I shall see you next time.


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