Supreme court rules RCMP allowed to form union, and Real Estate commissions could fall. The Coffee break. 16 January 2015.

Canada’s Supreme Court has ruled that the RCMP (The Royal Canadian Mounted Police) should be allowed to form a union. Presently as it stands the RCMP are excluded from forming a union while other public sector workers can do so – something the force has attempted to change for a few years now. One question remains however; now that the Supreme Court has ruled that the Mounties are allowed, will the Federal Government acknowledge this, or will they go about jerking the officers around for a little while longer?

RCMP shoulder flash

Now let’s not kid ourselves, the Federal Government wants to avoid a union with the RCMP because they are one of the largest police forces in Canada. Presently the strength of the force is sitting at 28,651 of which 11,509 are basic rank constables – quite a big group to be contending with considering how many unions the Federal Government needs to deal with when it comes to labour contracts. Like a corporation, the government aims to curtail unions for one thing: cost savings. Running along side cost savings, labour disputes are messy, and as such they can smear the image of the incumbent (another reason why the Federal Government wants to avoid another union) – but ultimately the officers deserve to have a union for all the hard work that they put in when it comes to policing services. Whether or not the members of Parliament agree is not of concern; they will obey the court rulings as the rule of law is the supreme authority to which all other authority is derived. Still we will have to wait and see whether or not Ottawa will play nice, or will they take the ball and run with it thereby making the officers chase after it.


Next we have Real Estate commissions falling; not entirely a bad thing to be honest. According to the article from CBC, the traditional fat commission that Real Estate Agents get may be in danger as new market forces enter the arena – these include online bidding, to small firms offering flat rates in order to win over your business. Now as sad as it may seem, let us not get too sympathetic here – Real Estate agents have enjoyed sky-high housing prices for a good few years now. Ever since 2010, housing in Canada has gone from affordable in some cities, to next to impossible for the present generation looking to move up in life. Real Estate Agents – like any other business – need to stay competitive if they are to survive in a market environment. Private businesses all do the same, and with technology leveling the playing field, it is about time that Real Estate go through the same transformation – after all who wants to mortgage a house for thirty years? Certainly not I; that and saving money is good.


Alright folks, that’s the two main stories I wanted to cover for today – have a wonderful weekend, and I shall see you next time.

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