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Where have I been? The Coffee Break. 26 February 2015.

Like a ghost from beyond, I have returned (somewhat). Ladies and gentlemen welcome to an update for the 26th of February 2015 – where have I been these past few weeks? Well there has not been a lot in the news with regards to gaming, though there has been quite a bit of unhappy banter surrounding Evolve.

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Summing up for those of you who are unfamiliar with the situation, Evolve is a multiplayer cooperative shooter similar to Titanfall. Evolve focuses around asymmetric gameplay where you either play as one of four hunters, or a lone monster. The task of the hunters is to hunt, while the monster’s main motive is to Evolve (hence the name of the game) and kill the hunters. Now observing the various Youtube channels who produce critical analyses of games, Evolve didn’t do so well according to these folks. Angry Joe for instance (his video I will link below at the end of this update) tore this game to pieces, calling it one of the most disappointing games of 2015. The game itself lacks a campaign, the gameplay gets repetitive after a few matches, and the community is predicted to fade after a few months – not a very colourful outlook.

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Indeed I can agree with Joe on this one; while games like Titanfall had a skeleton of a story, Evolve feels more like a platform than a complete game. The price point for 60.00 USD is a bit much for a game similar to Left 4 Dead. Even Totalbiscuit has called the price tag into question, though his opinions of the game are not as severe as that of Angry Joe. Aside from the fiasco that is Evolve, I haven’t really kept up with gaming all too much. Lately it has been work, school, and trying to make my spare time more productive. Many of you are aware that this blog is free-to-read, and while my Patreon Page has been up for a while, subscription is not mandatory. Therefore it is highly likely that this blog will become a side project in the coming months, and while I will continue to write for it as a medium for practicing my skills, ultimately due to the lack of income I will not be dedicating hours to it – needs come before wants.


Apart from that I have had a lot of time to reflect on the past year, and to re-align myself and re-think as to what to do in the coming months. Life can be difficult at times but I count my blessings, and am very thankful for the support the family gives as I look to brighter horizons per se. Truth be told, I’m unsure as to what to do with this blog when it comes to content. Gaming is one element sure, but what about Canadian affairs? Lately the news has been very depressing – terrorist plot this, economy that, kid freezes to death, and the list goes on. Thus you folks will understand if I just do not want to read the paper too much, or sift through the news articles online – depressing topics can add to frustration, and/or further one’s sense of hopelessness. Perhaps in the future I will narrow things down to just gaming – really dedicate this blog to gaming, and to talk about games and the industry as a whole rather than spread ourselves thin. Indeed a small but highly-skilled army can defeat an numerically superior but less trained enemy.


Anyways I hope this Coffee Break helps answers a few questions you may have in your minds about where I was and so forth. Should you wish to comment, feel free below: until next time folks, take care.


Evolve Angry Review:


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The Coffee Break. 2 Feb 2015.

Good day folks and welcome to another Coffee Break for the 2nd of February 2015; coming up in today’s piece, ISIS is having trouble finding new recruits, and Nintendo is fishing for revenues – we will discuss how this is a negative practice; all of this coming your way now.


The terrorist organization ISIS which has been causing quite a bit of trouble has been reported to have run into some trouble finding new recruits. The article from CBC news details how neighbouring countries and their policies of tightening their borders have helped stem the tide of extremists looking for some action so to speak. Adding to the growing list of issues ISIS faces, the group has been reported to have suffered quite a bit of casualties due to combat losses over the past month or so (that and over the past few months since its inception). The article from CBC further details how Kurdish forces in the region have found 15 to 16 year olds fighting under the banner of this extremist organization, citing that it may be a sign that the organization is starting to go downhill from here.


Well that’s life, is it not you extremist tosspots? Deciding to raise your flag for an asinine cause like establishing a strict religious state is a losing battle – eventually the people who arrive and see the reality will look to turn around, or quit and live out in the desert somewhere in a small farm so to speak. There should be no sympathy for these people as they have caused quite a bit of misery for those who were in the region to do good – from aid workers to journalists, all were fair game for them. Well, glad to see extremists getting what they deserve: they wanted to live by the sword, so they can die by the sword. Link to the CBC article is located below.


Nintendo’s program of revenue-sharing with content creators has commentators like Totalbiscuit up in arms, and rightfully so. Nintendo’s new policy states that they get a cut of the Youtube revenue from a content creator if they wish to join this program; something that is not only a conflict of interest, but it hurts a potentially free advertisement source so to speak. Now I will not go entirely into the specifics, and instead I will link the Youtube video in this article, but what I wanted to say is related to Totalbiscuit’s comments on the subject matter.


The advertisement revenue on each video a content creator makes is not as high as some might think. The problem becomes bigger when a company like Nintendo goes about to content claim these videos, thereby removing the ad revenue altogether. Now they release a scheme aimed at giving creators their ad revenue, but taking a percentage of it as well. “But this is fair business, right?” some might ask. Well, considering that a Youtuber gives a percentage to Google already (50% if I am not mistaken), then they have to further divide their half and give that to their collective channel, and then give another percentage to Nintendo, you can see how this can be a problem.


These content creators are not taking Nintendo’s game and re-distributing it over a download site, rather they are playing the game and recording the content. Gaming itself is not like film; one can only experience the product fully by interacting with it. Sure I may watch cutscenes of games, but I do not physically play the game, thereby in order to enjoy the game at its full potential I have to buy a copy and play it with my own two hands. This is just another poor business decision that can hurt Nintendo if they attack enough content creators. These Youtubers create videos showcasing your game, and with a degree of professionalism as well I might add. Free advertisement; some companies would claw each other’s faces off just to get free advertisement; the link to the video is located below.



Well that’s it folks for the 2nd of February 2015 – take care out there, and I shall see you next time.


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A bit of an update on the present state of things. 1 Feb. 2015

Hello folks,


Sunday, a day of rest according to some Christians – I think today in particular I am inclined to agree. Indeed it has been very busy these past few days, and there has been a distinct lack of content on this blog, so hopefully this little update will hold things over until I get some juicy news from the games industry, and whatever else tickles the brain.


The weather’s nice out here on the west coast – can’t say I envy those back east currently buried under mountains of snow. While winter is generally associated with snow and so on, I prefer mild temperatures – keeps things at a comfortable level. Now since I have been busy, I have not really done any sort of gaming apart from the “classics.” Now I use this term loosely as Bad Company 2 may be a classic to some, but it is not necessarily old enough to be deemed as such – though Splinter Cell (the first game) earned that designation some time ago.


Bad Company 2 still plays great, and there are plenty of servers up and running that players can go on, mess around and overall have a good time. Now sure there is Battlefield 3 and 4, but I like Bad Company 2 – it isn’t as graphically demanding (graphics do not make the game), and the combat is essentially the same as the later installments to the series (prone position not withstanding of course). Being the “old school” man that I am (some old stuff I like, otherwise no I generally do not deem everything old school as the best) I chose a revolver and an M1 garand rifle as opposed to all those fancy fully automatic rifles available to players in BFBC2. Something about six-shooters (it isn’t a classic six-shooter, but the revolver design is close enough), and the M1 seem to appeal to me; perhaps it is the history, or the skill and patience required to use these weapons effectively on the battlefield. Whatever the case may be, it is great and I would not give up either of these guns for the alternatives available (unless I feel like kicking down doors SWAT-style and emptying a magazine in under 25 seconds).


Ultimately one can guess that because there is a sudden loss of free time per se, we learn to appreciate what we have in the library when we get access to free time. Sure I may still pursue the latest and greatest, but these days I just examine the material online – saves time, and time is the gold nugget we all seek to gather as much of before we pass away.


Apologies for getting a little “depressing” but as a writer I am entitled to expressing my thoughts, within reasonable limits of course (that stupid [Censored] took my seat, lousy [censored] little [censored]; humor intended). Still, I think readers will appreciate a writer who is honest with them, because finding people who are honest when so much of the outside world encourages us to wear masks is a difficult task indeed.


Alright, I think this is a good time to end today’s update here – thank you all for reading, and I shall see you next time.