The Coffee Break. 2 Feb 2015.

Good day folks and welcome to another Coffee Break for the 2nd of February 2015; coming up in today’s piece, ISIS is having trouble finding new recruits, and Nintendo is fishing for revenues – we will discuss how this is a negative practice; all of this coming your way now.


The terrorist organization ISIS which has been causing quite a bit of trouble has been reported to have run into some trouble finding new recruits. The article from CBC news details how neighbouring countries and their policies of tightening their borders have helped stem the tide of extremists looking for some action so to speak. Adding to the growing list of issues ISIS faces, the group has been reported to have suffered quite a bit of casualties due to combat losses over the past month or so (that and over the past few months since its inception). The article from CBC further details how Kurdish forces in the region have found 15 to 16 year olds fighting under the banner of this extremist organization, citing that it may be a sign that the organization is starting to go downhill from here.


Well that’s life, is it not you extremist tosspots? Deciding to raise your flag for an asinine cause like establishing a strict religious state is a losing battle – eventually the people who arrive and see the reality will look to turn around, or quit and live out in the desert somewhere in a small farm so to speak. There should be no sympathy for these people as they have caused quite a bit of misery for those who were in the region to do good – from aid workers to journalists, all were fair game for them. Well, glad to see extremists getting what they deserve: they wanted to live by the sword, so they can die by the sword. Link to the CBC article is located below.


Nintendo’s program of revenue-sharing with content creators has commentators like Totalbiscuit up in arms, and rightfully so. Nintendo’s new policy states that they get a cut of the Youtube revenue from a content creator if they wish to join this program; something that is not only a conflict of interest, but it hurts a potentially free advertisement source so to speak. Now I will not go entirely into the specifics, and instead I will link the Youtube video in this article, but what I wanted to say is related to Totalbiscuit’s comments on the subject matter.


The advertisement revenue on each video a content creator makes is not as high as some might think. The problem becomes bigger when a company like Nintendo goes about to content claim these videos, thereby removing the ad revenue altogether. Now they release a scheme aimed at giving creators their ad revenue, but taking a percentage of it as well. “But this is fair business, right?” some might ask. Well, considering that a Youtuber gives a percentage to Google already (50% if I am not mistaken), then they have to further divide their half and give that to their collective channel, and then give another percentage to Nintendo, you can see how this can be a problem.


These content creators are not taking Nintendo’s game and re-distributing it over a download site, rather they are playing the game and recording the content. Gaming itself is not like film; one can only experience the product fully by interacting with it. Sure I may watch cutscenes of games, but I do not physically play the game, thereby in order to enjoy the game at its full potential I have to buy a copy and play it with my own two hands. This is just another poor business decision that can hurt Nintendo if they attack enough content creators. These Youtubers create videos showcasing your game, and with a degree of professionalism as well I might add. Free advertisement; some companies would claw each other’s faces off just to get free advertisement; the link to the video is located below.



Well that’s it folks for the 2nd of February 2015 – take care out there, and I shall see you next time.


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