Orders to disclose paid recommendations. The Coffee Break 18 March 2015.

Hello everyone and welcome to the coffee break for the 18th of March 2015; in the headlines today Steam requires all users who receive: “cash, swag, or other considerations” to promote a product to disclose this info. According to an article from PC Gamer, people who receive review codes and later throw in a recommendation on Steam are required to disclose the info to their audience – that alongside the payment rendered to the individual or group in question. Should the person(s) in question fail to do so, an investigation will be launched – punishment is yet to be determined.

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Well this isn’t something all too surprising. Indeed there has been a trend lately (and this goes further back roughly a few years) where content creators are seeing increasing demand to disclose whether or not they are being paid for their opinions. Totalbiscuit has discussed this numerous times in the past, and this development on Valve’s part is just another step in on the road to transparency. Let time continue onward; we shall see if all of this work will result in a positive outcome. Link’s available below as usual folks, and with that I bid you a farewell – until next we meet, take care out there.



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One response to “Orders to disclose paid recommendations. The Coffee Break 18 March 2015.”

  1. gamesthatiplay says :

    I have a friend on Steam that claims to have 500 profiles and he’ll write 500 recommended reviews for companies. I’ve got a few other friends that are indeed pro reviewers who have 20 hours in a game that’s been released an hour before. A few people on Steam have asked me if I’ve been paid to write glowing reviews.

    Punishment? Reviews sell games. Oh then there are games like that limo go round game from the actress in the game writing a review. Not to mention developers themselves writing reviews like Super Lemonaide Factory. What about those cases? What about Telltale Games that has employees and farms down voting negative reviews?

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