Rest well in Sovngarde. The Coffee break 21 March 2015.

Some Modders of the Skyrim community have built a shrine in honor of a player who passed away in 2013. Placed in the exact spot where Taylor (the player) last logged out, the shrine in-game will be available for download and will allow users on PC to pay their respects to the dearly departed. Here at Thoughts and Topics it is not often that we do a tribute to a deceased player, and while this does not mean we will go after every lead, why not spread the news. Below is a small piece to add to the memorial per se; I’m no poet so “mind the bumps.”

Our dear brother has parted ways,

Into the arms of the Maker he went,

A place filled with light and hope,

For he is now part of Sovngarde – a home for heroes.


Weep not tears of sorrow,

But instead cry tears of joy,

For the heroes of Skyrim will remember his name,

And the endless list of deeds he has done.


Ask not why the Maker took him from us all,

For we must accept that the Maker holds dominion over all.

Yet the Maker will ensure his honor goes unsullied,

for he is now in Sovngarde – a place for heroes.

The link to the story is located below. Take care out there folks, and I’ll see you next time.


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