Friday musings. The Coffee Break 24 April 2015.

Hello folks;


Star Wars Battlefront was revealed earlier this week, and why there was no gameplay in the trailer is beyond comprehension. Indeed the trailer was meant to build up hype for the title, and to gather interest for the upcoming game. Yet to a lot of gamers out there (myself included) it was a slap in the face; a sort of: “here you go kids” sort of approach. The community feels a bit in the middle, having experienced what the Battlefield franchise has done they are skeptical as to whether or not the Battlefront series (reboot) will do the same.

Star Wars Battlefront 2015 logo

Now to give you a rundown of my experience with Battlefront, when the first title came out on the original Xbox I played it. When Battlefront 2 came out on the Xbox and PC, I played both. Finally the PSP versions – Battlefront Renegade Squadron, and Battlefront Elite Squadron – I have dived into and own one of the two titles. Star Wars Battlefront was amazing, and still is to this day. Certainly the trailer was a show piece, and indeed it is amazing to see graphics develop on that level today, but I want a sample of the main course, not the appetizer.


Hopefully when E3 rolls around we will see some real action, and not another giant cutscene with flash and filler. Now I am off to reinstall Borderlands 2 and return to the frontier for some bandit hunting – Jakobs guns only. Take care out there folks, and I will catch you next time.



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